Selected Dunkin' Stores Test-Sells Premade Salads

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Selected Dunkin’ Stores Test-Sells Premade Salads
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A Dunkin' storefront sign is seen on October 26, 2020 in New York City. The Dunkin’ Brands, the parent company of the Dunkin’ and Baskin Robbins chains, is in negotiations to sell itself to Inspire Brand, a private equity-backed company.

kDunkin' offers a variety of donuts that people enjoy with their favorite cup of coffee. And this store is usually not the go-to place of dieters since doughnuts offer calories, making them gain weight, the nightmare of people who undergo diets. But now they have a reason to go into their stores because selected stores of Dunkin' test sell premade salads, an unexpected food item in their menu.

Usually, coffee shops or doughnut shops would not offer food contrasting their original menu, but that is not the case for Dunkin'. People can enjoy salads in some of their stores and proudly say that they went to Dunkin' even when they are on a diet.

Premade Salads

Delish reports that the salads are not Dunkin's sole product but is made by Farmer's Fridge, a Chicago-based company. Yahoo! Finance shares that the salads will be in a portable jar, making it accessible, making Dunkin's menu compel with their healthy option for people who cannot eat doughnuts.

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Food and Wine remind that the company had a drastic change and rebranding, stripping out the "Donuts" in their name. Delish also notes that the former donut shop now also offers breakfast sandwiches, snacks, and other bakery items. And according to Food and Wine, the salads may be the healthiest option in their menu.

Yahoo! Finance points out that six Dunkin' locations will be half in Chicago and half in New Jersey and offer the salad alongside grain bowls and other healthy food options Farmer's Fridge has. Delish furthers that the salads' test-selling will last for three months, which will determine if customers who frequently visit Dunkin' will choose to buy their salads or enter the limelight.


Food and Wine shares that the Farmer's Fridge selections that will be available on selected Dunkin' stores are burrito bowls, Greek Salad, Greek yogurt, pesto pasta, and chia pudding served with Dunkin's usual fare. Yahoo! Finance emphasizes that Farmer's Fridge will be preparing their menu and deliver it daily to the participating Dunkin' stores.

Delish shares the Chicago-based company's mission is to make their menu fresh, healthy, and accessible as a candy bar, which is why the salads come in a jar, which makes it easier for customers to eat them on the go or even while holding it if there is no table available.

Food and Wine recall that Farmer's Fridge was focused on distributing their fresh food on a network of smart vending machines situated in airports, universities, office buildings, and hospitals around the country.

With Dunkin's innovation of bringing Farmer's Fridge's premade salad jars in their menu, people will have an additional option (for three months) if they want to try new salads, with the convenience. We hope this stays on their menu so that people will have more reasons to visit Dunkin's apart from their signature meals.

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