6 Mouthwatering Sandwiches from Around the World

Jan 29, 2021 07:28 AM EST | By Joshua Summers (staff@foodworldnews.com)

Have a mouthful of these Iconic Sandwiches from Around the World
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The sandwich is one of the staple snacks or even lunch we always have as a kid until fast-food chains that offer this kind of treat emerges, and people can grab them any time of the day. The classic salami, ham slices, or even tuna may be the iconic filling, but have you ever wondered what iconic sandwiches from around the world look like?

Sometimes we get tired of foods if we consume them occasionally, making us lose interest and search for different flavors or filling.

But if you have the time to experiment in your kitchen, here are some of the iconic sandwiches from around the world that you can try and experience the taste and deliciousness it offers.

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Bánh Mì- Vietnam

According to the Thrillist, this sandwich originated from Vietnam when their country was colonized by France when the French bread and pâté (the French for paste) comes in contact with various Vietnamese ingredients.

They add that this traditional sandwich features a French baguette sliced lengthwise, filled with sliced cold cuts, pickled vegetables, cilantro, jalapeños, and creamy mayonnaise as the blanket. They add that instead of cold meat, people can replace it with barbecue, lemongrass beef, and grilled chicken as protein.

Arepa - Venezuela

According to Gourmandize, the name arepa refers to cornbread pockets or cakes which can serve as the sandwich, and you can put whichever filling you want. Gourmandize adds that this sandwich is a prized food for both Columbia and Venezuela. Some versions feature carnitas, sliced sweet potatoes, cotija cheese, black beans, and a creamy and tangy herbaceous sauce.

Gyu-Katsu - Japan

If you feel a little fancy, why not try this sandwich from Japan, which features a premium slice of wagyu beef. Big Seven Travel notes that this concoction is from the famous brand behind the three member's only restaurants situated in Tokyo, Wagyumafia. They add that the gyu-katsu is a deep-fried breaded beef cutlet.

Doner Kebab - Turkey

Opposing the shish kebab and other stick or plate-based iterations of Kebab, Thrillist shares that since it is a sandwich, this kebab comes in a flatbread featuring various vegetables and the universal white sauce. However, they also note that this dish is allegedly created in Germany by Turkish immigrants, but some claim that the sandwich existed before that.

Piadina - Italy

According to Curious Cuisiniere, Piadiana is thin Italian flatbreads made by street vendors and solo sandwich-style loaded with delicious fillings such as prosciutto and fresh mozzarella. They add that this sandwich originated from Romagna, a region located in the North-central of Italy.

Jerk Chicken Sandwich

Gourmandize highlights this sandwich inspired by the topical Jamaican cuisine. They add that the sandwich seasoning is made from a mix of spices such as hot scotch bonnet chilies before being combined with marinade ingredients, which will be used to infuse the chicken that will fill the sandwich.

If you want to be adventurous and try a new sandwich, why don't you try these iconic sandwiches worldwide and have a taste of the culture and heritage it brings to your tastebuds.

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