Move Over, Cocoa Bombs! Tea Bombs Are the New Food Trend Taking Social Media by Storm

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Tea Bombs
Tea Bombs Are the New Food Trend Taking Social Media by Storm.
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More than the taste, having tea is also about the experience it brings. Tea time is often associated with bright, fresh mornings or slow, lazy afternoons. Tea also exists in different parts of the world and is prepared in various ways. Currently, a new twist is dominating the social media world, and it is called Tea Bombs.

In 2020, we were introduced to cocoa bombs, which also became a sensation over the internet. Fans caught wind of it during the holiday season. It became the perfect holiday trend because of the mesmerizing way the cocoa ball melts into a cap. This year, we are introduced to Tea Bomb. 

The Viral 'Tea Bombs' Trend

According to Better Homes & Gardens, the tea bomb's appeal can be attributed to how it is presented. These tea bombs look like crystal ball-like spheres. They are colorful, translucent, and often glittery. Once dropped in hot milk or water, they slowly melt away, revealing the tea and herbal leaves. 


As per, all these processes are magically therapeutic to witness. This is why it became the perfect food trend in TikTok and Instagram. The unraveling of little edible flowers and mint leaves is incredibly fantastic when presented in a clear cup. 

There are tea bombs that can be bought online, but many foodies and food bloggers prefer to make their own. Since many have the know-how in making cocoa bombs, it is not difficult for them to try their hand in creating the perfect tea bombs.

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Variations of Tea Bombs

Fans of the tea bomb are using the same type of silicone molds to form beautiful sugar globes. They then include a combination of tea leaves, herbs, and edible flowers. Others also add edible glitters. However, if you want to try a store-bought version of the tea bomb, Rebekah and Sally of @hivebakeshop offer a pineapple guava white tea and Earl Grey tea. Their tea bombs are adorned with edible flowers, which are attractively fun to watch. 


Meanwhile, one store created the perfect cocoa and tea bomb combo called the Kashmiri Pink Tea. It has a pink-tinted chocolate shell and contains a blend of pistachios, almonds, rose petals, a pinch of pink salt inside. Finally, it is topped with edible glitter and pink-tinted chocolate. 


Others took it to a new level and considered it a form of art like the galaxy-themed tea bomb from Dream Tea by Tazo. The outer shell is an excellent depiction of the night sky, making this tea bomb a perfect treat before going to bed. Inside, it consists of a soothing blend of Valerian, lavender, chamomile, and sweet notes of almond. 


Some tea bomb creations may be too pretty, like the ones from Candy Creations by CC. Inside the ball, you will find raspberry, peppermint, or lemon ginger, and more. While the outer shell is infused with honey or sugar, making the tea bomb excitingly flavorful. 


Incorporating edible glitter will not disappoint you when it comes to tea bombs. Maison de Dessert created a tea bomb that you can feast your eyes on with its outer shell made of edible glitter. Inside, it can be a tea bag or loose leaf tea, depending on your choice. 

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