5 Best Italian Restaurants in the United States 2021

Feb 02, 2021 08:44 AM EST | By Joshua Summers (staff@foodworldnews.com)

Check this 5 America’s Best Italian Restaurants of 2021
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Chef Fulvio Siccardi attends his traditional Italian fresh pasta showcooking during the International Alba White Truffle Fair November 09, 2019 in Alba, Italy.

Picking a restaurant may be a drag, especially if you are not a locale from the place you are currently in. Fast foods may be everywhere, but nothing beats a meal that took time to be prepared and enjoyed by your palate, like pasta. Pasta may be a bit challenging to do, but you will surely enjoy it if it is from one of America's best Italian restaurants.

Italians are keen when it comes to their food, and Italians are exceptionally great with their food; that is why people worldwide love their cuisine. Now, if you happen to be craving for Italian food, here are America's best Italian restaurants you must visit this 2021.

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DeFalco's - Scottsdale, Arizona

If you are from Arizona, you must try this restaurant with a rich history in the place. According to Cheapism, this restaurant has a history of 100 years, and their patrons share that the calzones and their other Italian combo subs are the best. Apart from the food menu they offer, DeFalco's also has various meats and cheeses that can be sliced according to the customer's liking and request.

Flour + Water - San Francisco, California

They opened their doors to the public in 2009; Yahoo! Life shares that this restaurant utilizes ingredients from Northern California to make their pizza and homemade pasta inspired by traditional Italian cooking. Thrillist shares that this restaurant is still the bay Area's gold standard for pasta and their wood-fired pizzas.

Mrs. Robino's - Wilmington, Delaware

With a rich story and history, Cheapism shares that this restaurant has been serving Italian cuisine since the 1940s. Mrs. Robino's is an award-winning restaurant since it was given the title, Best of Delaware 2015, News Journal's Readers' Choice Award, and is Zagat rated. Cheapism shares that their menu includes crabs and spaghetti every Thursday, which is highly recommended by their patrons and customers.

Le Messe - Seattle, Washington

Seattle is not only known for its coffee but also because of the food they offer in the county. This is where you will find Le Messe, where you can have a new experience while dining. According to Thrillist, their wood-topped Chef's counter is situated in the front and center so that customers and patrons will be able to watch the masterful skills of the Chef while preparing the food they ordered. This restaurant offers a compelling menu like local oysters with prosecco and Hamachi Crudo, sockeye salmon, and squid ink spaghetti.

Roberta's - Brooklyn New York

According to Yahoo! Life, this iconic pizzeria transformed the neighborhood it belonged to when it opened its doors to its customers, now patrons, in January 2008. They add that they are best known for their Neapolitan-style pizza that features a chewy crust and near perfection flavor.

If you happen to pass by these areas, you might want to consider checking these America's Best Italian restaurants, and we can't wait to try them this 2021.

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