Best TikTok Food Trends: Buzzworthy or Overhyped?

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Best TikTok Food Trends: Buzzworthy or Overhyped?

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TikTok was initially designed as a social media platform that users can use to broadcast a variety of short-form videos like dance, comedy, and education. However, nowadays, it has been used as an instrument to showcase various forms of food hacks. Some of which went viral and became a trend.

We have seen a wide range of food trends, hacks, and challenges that dominated the TikTok universe. Nonetheless, the more important question is if these food trends are truly buzzworthy or are they overhyped?

1. Pancake Cereal

   @istayfunny19 Cereal pancakes inspired by @sydneymelhoff #tiktokfoodie #fyp #pancake #minipancakes  ♬ BORED IN THE HOUSE - Curtis Roach     

  This TikTok food trend was discovered by accident back in April 2020 when its alleged creator happened to be cooking pancakes when she decided to gather the batter splashes that were stuck and cooked on the side of her pan. It was a crispier and bite-size version of the fluffy pancakes that she was making, which immediately gained attention the moment it was posted in TikTok. However, some food fanatics think that the pancake cereal is just an overhyped trend. In addition, they claim that making these bite-size goodies crispy only to cover it with milk and get soggy just doesn't make sense.

2. Baked Feta Pasta

 @feelgoodfoodie Baked feta pasta with cherry tomatoes!! Recipe on blog • Inspired by @grilledcheesesocial #tiktokpartner #learontiktok #fetapasta #recipes ♬ original sound - Feel Good Foodie  

Another food trend that TikTok fans adored is the Baked Feta Pasta. Although it gained much attention, others remarked that the dish is as plain as any other pasta dishes out there. According to Food Network, the dish was created by Jenni Hayrinen, a Finnish food blogger. It went viral under the hashtag #uunifetapasta and was introduced in 2019 via a TikTok post.

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3. Tortilla Wraps

   @viking_davidson    ♬ original sound - Cody Davidson     

  The Tortilla trend is another TikTok challenge that made a buzz all over the internet because of the variety of ingredients you can enjoy in one dish. However, others may see it as a confusing crossover between a tortilla, a quesadilla, and a sandwich. Furthermore, claims of cooking accidents are linked with popping tortilla wraps into a toaster.

4. Nacho Table

 @macklmao #voiceeffects thank you tik tok for the nacho table idea bless up #fyp #nachotable ♬ A Moment Apart - ODESZA - Hannah Stater (she/her)  

According to In The Know, many TikTok users are becoming fond of the Nacho Table challenge. Although it may look fun and creative to have an entire table filled with delicious nachos, this food trend does not seem to gain favor with several food fanatics. Aside from the enormity of the task involved to prepare an entire nacho table, it can also be one big mess and unsanitary.

5. Oreo Mug Cake

   @salt_to_taste Oreo Mug-cake. very simple and delicious. try it once and give your feedbacks. Keep smiling  ♬ original sound - Salt to taste     


Although the thought of creating a delicious cake in a mug using a microwave can be exciting, this food hack seemed impossible from the get-go. This TikTok trend requires a handful of Oreos crushed in a mug and mixed with milk until it forms a smooth batter consistency. Afterwhich, it is cooked in a microwave for 2 minutes, which results in a fluffy oreo mug cake.

All these TikTok food challenges became famous for various reasons. Some offer a fun and creative way of preparing a simple dish, while others allow food fanatics to be more adventurous with the food combination. While there may be people who react negatively and are not fans of these food trends, foodies will continue to discover new food trends that will surely make their way in the TikTok universe.

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