Starbucks Cup Sizes Meaning: Tell me What Grande, Venti and Trenta Means

Oct 20, 2014 09:37 AM EDT | By Staff Reporter

Starbucks Cup Sizes Meaning- Grande, Venti and Trenta have created confusions to some of the new coffee drinkers in Starbucks. Remember the first time you ordered at the popular global coffee shop?

Did you try ordering a Venti or Trenta Latte? Some first timers may have been intimated in taking their orders at Starbucks. Unknown to some, the Seattle based coffee company has its own way of taking and delivering your much loved beverage to your coffee table. It also has its unique Starbucks cup sizes meaning - Grande, Venti and Trenta are among those.

So here are the updated cup sizes and its meaning:

Short - 8 oz.

This is the least size that Starbucks offers and only available for hot drinks. This size is not commonly ordered in the coffee shop.

Tall - 12 oz.

Tall is regarded as 'small' size drink. It is offered as medium size (10 oz) at Tim Hortons in Canada while it comes in 14 oz in the United States.

Grande - 16 oz.

Grande is read as 'GRAWN-day.' It is Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and French word for large. At Tim Horton's coffee comes at a size between 14 and 20 oz. The Starbucks Grande is 16 oz. in U.S.

Venti - 20 oz.

Venti is pronounced as 'VENN-tee.' Size is equivalent to Extra Large at Tim Horton's and is between 20 and 24 oz. Starbucks Cup Sizes Meaning is really unique with Venti which comes at 24 oz. when cold. Venti means twenty in Italian.

Trenta - 31 oz.

Trenta means thirty in Italian. The Trenta size is kept for serving iced drinks including iced coffee, iced tea, lemonade and other drinks served over ice. It is the newest addition and the largest in capacity among all coffee sizes.

Starbucks Cup Sizes Meaning may be a bit confusing but the Seattle coffee company has just its own diverse way of enhancing their customer's experience. Through customize coffee drinks and one-of-a-kind strategies the largest coffeehouse company has proven that it deserves the title it holds.

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