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Burger King Japan Introduces Angry Red Burger Samurai

Mind Over Sickness: Staying Healthy Depsite Your Unhealthy Diet

Mental health wellness can go a long way.

Estee Lauder Model Kendall Jenner Launches Modern Muse Le Rouge At Macy's Herald Square

'Kendall Jenner Net Worth': Jenner Asked Kardashian Siblings to ‘Stay Away’ from Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

"I just need the pressure off. There's enough pressure as it is."-Kendall Jenner

Heavyweight Man Eating Funk Food

'Beer Belly' is More Deadly than Obesity

What caused beer belly and why is it more lethal than obesity?

Lululemon Founder To Step Down After Commments About The Brand's Customers Bodies

'Beer Yoga' : Yoga Classes Inside the Brewery is the Next Big Thing

"Generally, it's people who have no interest in going to a studio. Or they want to try yoga but are too shy to go to a studio."

Despite Price Rises The British Love Of A Cup Of Tea Endures

5 Cups of Tea a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

3-5 cups of tea a day can be beneficial to one's health.

Lindsay Lohan Probation Hearing

'Do-It-All' Generation of Woman Are Suffering From Stress Epidemic Which can Lead to Being Alcoholic

The women of this generation needs to kick off the habit of showing how strong she is by doing things by herself.

Price Of Eggs Set To Rise As Avian Flu In Midwest Affects National Supply Chain

3 Fat Myths Debunked by Science

Fatty foods may be avoided or eliminated in one's diet thinking it does more harm than good. But who would have thought that some of these fatty foods that are being avoided are a total myth?

Syrian Refugees Seek Shelter In Turkish Camps

5 Dirtiest Fruits and Veggies in the Supermarket

Listed below are 5 of the most harmul fruits and veggies on the market.

Seven-A-Day Fruit And Vegetables Recommended Intake

Accidental Discovery: Scientists Discovered that Orange Peels Can Save Thousands of Lives

Australian researchers were able to "accidentally" discover to remove mercury from water.

ABC's News Division To Cut Up To 25 Percent Of Staff

'The Bachelor' Spoilers: Did Ben Higgins Propose to Lauren Bushnell?

"his season has essentially been over since about halfway through."

The Wellcome Collection Host 'Bring A Thing' Exhibition

3 Natural 'All Organic' Foods to Help You Lose Weight

Who would have thought that you can lose weightby eating these organic foods?

German Bee Deaths Blamed on Pesticide Use By Farmers

Special Bee From Himalayas Produces Psychedelic Honey

These bees from Himalayas proved the myth that there is indeed such thing as a "psychedelic honey".

Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban On Interstate Wine Sales

Red Wine Benefits: A Glass of Red Wine Is Equivalent to an Hour at the Gym

Who would have thought that working out for an hour can be substituted by a glass of red wine?

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