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Chinese Footwear Company Expected To Buy Hamleys

Are Gifted and Talented Individuals Too Passionate?

Being gifted can be correlated to "over-excitabilities", in which the individual can be emotionally sensitive and empathetic.

Teen Choice Awards 2015 - Arrivals

Dance Moms 'Chloe Lukasiak' is Casted for 'Center Stage 3'

"Chloe Lukasiak" will be joining the team for the 3rd installment on Center Stage.

H&M clothes shop logo

H&M Balmain Collection is Now on eBay for Twice the Price After Being Sold Out

The beaded velvet jacket which was made famous by Kendall Jenner was also put up on eBay for $1,300.

Food Giants Kraft And Heinz To Merge

Heinz Ketchup's Primary Ingredient Isn't What You Think it is

Who would have thought that "Heinz Tomato Ketchup" isn't primarily made of tomatoes after all?

Obese Woman Walks Through Washington

'Rosie Mercado' Fitness Inspiration that Changed Everybody's Outlook on Obesity

I had to hire a nanny so my kids could have fun because I was too heavy for the rides. -Rosie Mercado

Heinz Releases Purple Ketchup

Ketchup and Why it's So Hard to Pour

Science was able to reveal the rationale why is it difficult for ketchup to leave its bottle.

Royal Film Performance: 'Spectre'

'Gambit' Update: What's Up with the Film? Lea Seydoux Can't Really Say

Will Gambit eventually hit the big screen anytime soon?

Ample Hills & Brooklyn's Best Dessert Party - Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival Presented By FOOD & WINE

Solving the Sugar Mystery: Why Our Bodies Crave for Sugary Treats

If sugary treats are non essential to our bodies, why do we crave for it?

Hot Bread

'Gluten-Free' Diet May Not Be Applicable to All Individuals, Researchers Says

Recent research revealed that "Gluten-Free" diet is not applicable to all individuals.

Growers And Enthusiasts Enjoy The RHS London Harvest Festival Show

New Study: Research Says Plants Do Not Want to be Eaten

We found that feeding vibrations signal changes in the plant cells' metabolism, creating more defensive chemicals that can repel attacks from caterpillars.- Heidi Appel

Frankfurt Book Fair 2014

Benefits of Reading: Studies Show Reading Makes Sleeping Easier

Who would have thought that reading in general can make you a better person?

Bacari And Cicchetti: The Venetian Culture Of Aperitifs

Wanderlust Benefits: Studies Reveal That Travelling Keeps Both the Heart and the Brain Healthy

Wanderlusters would be thrilled upon finding out that travelling is good for the health.

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