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Sudan dreams of becoming global sugar player

In a hangar-shaped factory hall in central Sudan a dozen workers rush to pack refined white sugar gushing from a funnel into paper bags to be loaded on three trucks parked outside.


Free Smashburger to Anyone with Certain Last Name, CEO Predicts Store Growth Before IPO

Who doesn't love free food, especially if it's a juicy burger? In celebration of National Hamburger Day on May 28,Kalamazoo's Smashburger will be offering a free burgers, but the catch is you have to prove you have "burger" or "berger" in your last name.


Singer Sues McDonald's after Eating Chicken Sandwich with Piece of Glass

Singer sues McDonald's after saying she ate a chicken sandwich and found a piece of glass in it which has now ruined her singing voice, according to reports.


Seamless and GrubHub Merging to Form Mega Food-Delivering Company

Seamless and GrubHub Inc. announced Monday the companies will merge to create a new company covering more than 20,000 restaurants in 500 cities across the U.S.

Changes to Food Stamp Program Under Review

Nearly 47 million people - one in seven Americans - rely on food stamps for some or all of their daily sustenance, according to the Department of Agriculture, a number that has grown nearly 70 percent since the financial collapse of 2008.


Bacon Restaurant Closes: Neighbors Complain of Strong Aroma, Grease [VIDEO]

"Bacon Bacon" restaurant in a popular San Francisco neighborhood is being forced to close after complaints of a strong bacon aroma from neighbors causing the Health Department to shut the store down.

Food stamps

Food Stamps Hang in the Balance as Congress Debates Farm Bill

The House and Senate agriculture committees are holding hearings this week on reauthorizing SNAP (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as Food Stamps) and could cut assistance by $20 billion over the next five years.

Taiwan dumpling eatery tops 101 Best Asian Restaurants poll

A Taiwanese eatery famed for its dumplings was crowned Asia's best restaurant, while restaurants in Beijing claimed the lion's share of spots in the top ten of a new survey of the food-obsessed region's best dining.

KFC in China, a Yum! Brands Inc. Chain

China steps up inspection of meat trade after fake lamb scandal

China has begun a crackdown on the sales of fake, diseased and tainted meat products after a series of scandals that have further dented public confidence in the food industry, the official Xinhua news agency said on Thursday.

Miki Nozawa

Japanese Chef Killed Over Meal Dispute in Germany

A Japanese chef was killed following an alleged dispute with two disgruntled guests about a dish of fried noodles with vegetables and beef while he was on vacation, according to reports.

Food stamps

House Panel Approves Farm Bill With Food Stamp Cuts

The House and Senate Agriculture Committees on Wednesday approved a sweeping farm bill that would trim the $80 billion-a-year food stamp program.


Japan's Sushi Standing Restaurant Coming to New York

A popular Japanese way of eating sushi at restaurants is by eating while standing. Michio Yasuda of the ORENO Corporation is bringing his standing restaurant concepts to New York and hopes it will also be a hit.


Pop-Tarts New Flavors with Peanut Butter: A Hit or Miss?

Pop-Tarts announced new flavors on Wednesday which include peanut butter as its parent Kellogg Company seeks to target a more adult clientele, apart from its more traditional child-friendly flavors.

Burger King

Burger King Rolls Out McRib Competitor with its Own Pork Sandwich

Burger King has introduced a new sandwich on Tuesday that appears to replicate McDonald's McRib item: the limited BK Rib Sandwich.


Meals at Independent Restaurants Average 1,300 Calories a Plate

A new study says that meals at independent restaurants average more than 1,300 calories a plate because they are not regulated and don't have to disclose calorie count to consumers.

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