Four Loko

Four Loko 'Binge Drink' to Rework Advertising Campaign: Settlement Reached in Suit

The controversial "alcopop" drink, Four Loko, may be reworking its advertising campaign. Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley and 19 other attorneys general reached a settlement with the producers of the drink this past Tuesday.


Alcohol May Cause More Deaths in Traffic Accidents Than Previously Thought

We all know that drinking and driving can be dangerous--but exactly how dangerous is it? It turns out that the role of alcohol in traffic deaths may be substantially underreported on death certificates.


Michigan Stadium Remains Beer Free: Alcohol Sales Not Planned

It turns out that rumors for beer being introduced at Michigan Stadium are as empty as fans' cups. Officials have stated that the stadium will remain bone dry and will not serve any alcohol.


California Lawmaker Proposes Bill to Allow Underage Alcohol Tasting on College Campuses

The legal drinking age to consume alcohol in the U.S. is 21, but a newly proposed bill in California is aiming to legalize a sanction to the legal age restriction.

Bloody Mary

Is it the Death Knell to the Bottomless Booze Brunch?

Little known law may end the beloved NYC endless booze brunch.


Mexican Hipsters High on Pulque

The newest trend among the hipsters of Mexico City is an ancient beverage, created by the Aztecs, called pulque.


Legal Drinking Age of 21 Saves Lives

Does a drinking age of 21 actually save lives? Despite the fact that some ignore the legal drinking age, it turns out that the law actually helps prevent deaths from alcohol consumption.


From Users to Brewers: Canadian Alcoholics Taught to Brew Beer

New program to teach alcoholics how to brew beer as a safer alternative.


Fathers Drinking Before Pregnancy May Cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

We all know that women who drink alcohol while pregnant can cause significant problems for their unborn children. Now, it turns out that dads may also have more accountability.


Vodka Kills Russian Men: Alcohol to Blame for High Death Risk

You may want to avoid the vodka in the future. It turns out that Russian men who down large amounts of the beverage have an "extraordinarily" high risk of early death.


TGI Friday's Fined: New Jersey Franchise Substitutes Customer's Alcoholic Beverages

Eight TGI Friday's are being fined $500,000 for substituting customer's alcoholic beverages with cheaper drinks.


Alcohol Hangover Release by Asparagus

After the holiday season, people want to start the new year with refreshing mind. However, your hangover from too much champagne might challenge your first day of New Year. Asparagus can help your hangover, according to research by the Institute of Food Technologist(IFT) in the Journal of Food Science.

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