Alcohol and COVID-19 vaccine do not go well together.

3 Side Effects of Drinking Alcohol After Getting Your COVID-19 Vaccine

These three side effects can occur, which you would rather avoid.

Here Are 5 Ways To Prevent Wine Hangovers

Here Are 5 Ways To Prevent Wine Hangovers

Avoid these habits to prevent that wine hangovers.

To Drink or Not To Drink? Russians Are Discouraged To Drink Alcohol After Sputnik V Vaccine

To Drink or Not To Drink? Russians Are Discouraged To Drink Alcohol After Sputnik V Vaccine

Two months without alcohol after getting the Covid-19 Vaccine shot.

Barmen Cocktail Congress In Madrid

The Interesting Story Behind the Invention of Cocktails

America reinvented and customized mixing of drinks and introduced the modern day cocktails that we relish

Drinkers Visit The London Beer And Cider Festival

Countries Where Alcohol is Prohibited

The nations that presently prohibit liquor are situated in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. Not the majority of the laws and the attending punishments for breaking them are similar. Actually, they shift generally; a few nations allow foreigners to drink with a permit, for case, while others have a zero-tolerance arrangement and disciplines that incorporate such hindrances as flogging.

Oktoberfest 2014 - Day Two

Bottle Battle: 11 Ways to Prevent Hangovers

Thankfully, you can no enjoy alcohol-and all the things that come with it, without regretting it tomorrow. Follow these basic 11 tips-before, during and after the bottle battle, as advised by Dr. Jeremy Fischer of Vitality Integrative Medicine.

The Speakeasy

10 Best Speakeasies in the US

If you've ever wanted to feel being part of a secret exclusive club, having a drink or two at a speakeasy might be the best way to do so. Here are some of the best-kept watering holes around the US.

Bottles of Miller Lite and Bud Light beer that are products of SABMiller and Anheuser-Busch InBev

NFL Fans: The Most Popular Beer and Liquor of Every Team

It is impossible for one to watch a match on a Sunday afternoon without a can of beer. NFL fans, here's the list of the most popular beer and liquor for each team.

Leave it to the athletes!

10 Foods You Should Avoid Eating This 2016

According to registered dietitian Joel Feren​ and nutritionist Catherine Saxelby, there are some food that they advise us to avoid or actually stop eating in order to be healthier this year.

Different types of Alcohol

Hangover Resistant Gifted People – What's Their Secret?

Based on studies, a quarter of people do not suffer hangovers after a night of heavy drinking. What could be their secret?

Teenage Couple

Love and Alcohol: Do Teenagers Really Change Their Drinking Habits to Match Their Partners?

A recent study finds that as teenagers find love, their rate of alcohol abuse shifts to better match their partner over their old friends.

Mixed Drinks

Hangovers and Alcohol Breath: Why Should You Avoid Mixing Different Alcoholic Drinks, Cocktails with Diet Soda

A previous study revealed that it's best to avoid beer and wine on the same night as this can cause a nasty hangover and people who drank vodka mixed with diet soda had higher alcohol concentrations on their breath.

Women Drinking Wine

Drinking Too Much Alcohol can Lead to Irresponsible Attitude and Other Health Ailments

A group of researchers discovered gene mutation that can be associated with irresponsible attitude of one when drunk.

From Malted Barley To A Of Barrel Adnams

3 Tips to Help You Kick the Alcohol Craving

Alcohol cravings may be hard to get rid, but these tips may help you get over the alcohol cravings in no time.

Anheuser-Busch InBev Eyes Potential Purchase Of Rival Miller

This is Wy Alcohol Makes You Fat

Heads up alcohol lovers, recent studies revealed that there are several ways on how alcoholic beverages aid obesity.

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