Climate Change
3 Simple Ways to Reduce Food Waste and Prevent Climate Change From Becoming Worse

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Food Waste and Prevent Climate Change From Becoming Worse

As the world, including the United States, grapple with finding the perfect solution to climate change, one aspect that they might be overlooking is food waste.

Plastic water bottle

What Americans Think of Their Tap Water Cleanlines

Gallup conducted an annual survey, calling respondents via telephone and taking answers from 1,019 adults aged 18 and above who have been living in the United States.

U.S. Surpasses France To Lead The World In Wine Consumption

Warm Weather Means Better Wine But With Reservations

Climate reportedly has a notable effect on wine, shaping the character of the wine through the grapes.

A honeybee pollinates a flower in a citrus grove just coming into blossom at the start of spring March 26, 2009 in Moshav Adanim in central Israel. Honey bee pollination is essential to the success of a farmer's crops. In a single day, each bee from a hiv

Population Of Pollinators Decline Worldwide Posing Global Food Threats

It is an alarming scenario. The population of over 20,000 species of insects and animals, including bees, butterflies, beetles, bats, moths, wasps and birds, is declining rapidly worldwide owing to human pressure.

Solar Pannels

Solar Panels to Occupy the Sahara Desert

Some say it is the solution to climate change, to harvest the power of sunlight, which is an abundant source of free energy. Should we go ahead and put solar panels throughout the Sahara desert? This is a topic the baffles experts today.


Beef Production Contributes to Climate Change According to Experts

Many may not find a direct link between eating beef and saving the planet, but they actually have a connection.

Underwater Drone- Key to Ocean Science Explorations

Seaweed Farms Target To Save The Climate and Heal The Oceans

Ocean farming aims to reverse climate change and save the planet.

Climate Change

#EarthToParis: The World's Way To Tell The World Leaders How They Feel About Climate Change [Video]

Take the challenge, join the bandwagon and use #EarthToParis to voice out your thoughts on climate change.

Climate Change

UN Expert: Climate Change Is A Major Threat In International Food Security

Global food security is threatened by climate change as an expert from United Nations warned.


Climate Change-Resistant Grapes Being Cultivated By WInemakers

The rise in temperature is causing many French wine-makers to come together and cultivate climate change-resistant grapes to help in wine production.

Climate Change

UN Focuses on Climate Change: New Emphasis on Food Security and Carbon Targets

Climate change is impacting the world, changing environments and threatening nations' food security. Now, though, the UN's new report on climate change reveals that the time for environmental shifts may already be upon us.


Chipotle Guacamole At Risk Due to Climate Change

There's bad news for the burrito lover: Chipotle warned in its latest annual report that climate change might lead to guacamole being put on the chopping block at Chipotle stores.

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