Starbucks Frappuccino at Bespoken Presentation Fall 2011

Decoding Starbucks' Menu Items: Tell Me What is the Difference Between 'Chocolaty Chips' vs 'Chocolate Chips'

This doesn't mean that the Starbucks chocolaty chips aren't real chocolates or taste differently, they just don't have enough chocolate content in to to gain the last letter 'e' in chocolate.

Barista making Cold-pressed coffee

Cold-Pressed Coffee: Why You Should Drink It

Cold-pressed coffee is a new method of brewing coffee that extracts more flavor with less caffeine and bitterness.

Starbucks Releases New ‘Molten Chocolate’ Drinks For Valentine’s Week

Starbucks Releases New ‘Molten Chocolate’ Drinks For Valentine’s Week

Starbucks is providing a great opportunity for the chocolate lovers to celebrate the Valentine’s Day with ease. After its newly added secret menus, Starbucks has announced three new “molten chocolate” drinks for the Valentine’s Day.

A Cup of Coffee

Caffeine Doesn't Cause Heartbeat Irregularities, Study Said

It may speed you up on a particularly slow morning, but the consumption of coffee does not cause out-of-sync heartbeat patterns or heart palpitations, a new study says.

Mobile Order and Pay

Starbucks Mobile App Hits 1M Mark, Mobile Order & Pay Sets New Milestone

Starbucks has reached another milestone after its newest technological innovation was launched. The coffee company giant has received and has processed 1 million orders from US customers through their mobile application.

Coffee Clock

Introducing Joffee, the Coffee and Juice Hybrid

It appears the weird yet innovative world of food hybrids is still very much active with the welcoming of its newest member - the Joffee.

Starbucks Loves You!

How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

You have a cup of it the moment your day starts, another one when you arrive at work, then one more after you've had your lunch. You're glad that it keeps you awake, alert, and fully functioning throughout your entire day. But there's also a lingering question at the back of your mind: "Is there such thing as 'too much coffee?'"

Starbucks Loves You!

Love is in the Air: Make Your Starbucks Couple Valentine's Frappuccino

Would you like your very own and personal Valentine Frappuccino? Why not ask for a couple drink of your choice? Starbucks is generous enough to let us order whatever customization we would like to our drink.

Woman Drinking Coffee and Smiling

7 More Excuses to Drink More Coffee, More Benefits For You - From Preventing Certain Types of Cancer to Lowering Chances of Alzheimer's Disease

Coffee is not only a drink for many, it is part of their lifestyle, more so, a part of their daily routine. In the US alone, over 100 million people are drinking coffee at least once a day.


Coffee Or Tea? Here Are The Pros And Cons

Both coffee and tea provide a range of health benefits among regular drinkers. As people enjoy their time sipping on their favorite choice of beverage, one question still remains - which is better: coffee or tea?

Coffee Prices Rise In Brazil

Coffe and Health: What Does Coffee Do To Your Body

What does a cup of coffee do to one's body?

Man drinking his first cup of coffee

Experts Reveal, 3 to 4 Cups of Coffee Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

There are compounds in coffee that has the same qualities as an anti-diabetic drug that gives a lot of hope in lowering the risk of having type 2 diabetes.

Preview Of The Private Collection Of The Late Stanley J. Seeger At Sotheby's

Cascara: The Tea in the World of Coffee

Who would have thought that there's a tea in the coffee world?

Civet Coffee In Indonesia : News Photo

'Coffee Danger' Swedish King Went To Extreme Lengths To Prove Coffee Was 'Dangerous'

A king that despised coffee went into extremes to prove that coffee is dangerous.

Girl drinking her 1st cuo of coffee

The Truth About Coffee: Harmful or Harmless to Our Health?

The panel reported that there is strong and consistent proof that shows the consumption of three to five cups of coffee is in moderate range and thus not connected with the high risk of chronic diseases. Moderate coffee consumption can actually be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle.

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Food Biz

Jay-Z Sold 50% of Champagne Company Stake to LVMH

The rapper has allowed 50 percent of his champagne brand, Armand de Brignac, also known as Ace of Spades, to be acquired by the French conglomerate. It's a deal no one had seen coming.


McDonald's and Popeyes Chicken Sandwich War Starts Ahead of Feb 24 Drop

Popeyes pounced by giving away whopping 500 free sandwiches ahead for McDonald's Feb 24 drop of its versions.

Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery Offers Lucky Charms Green Ice Cream with Gold Glitters for St. Patrick's Day

The Lucky Charms ice cream and milkshake will drop at participating locations nationwide, starting on March 1.

Food Tech
DoorDash Welcomes Chowbotics As A Part Of Their Team

DoorDash Welcomes Chowbotics As Part Of Their Team

What can we expect from this partnership?

Best TikTok Food Trends: Buzzworthy or Overhyped?

Best TikTok Food Trends: Buzzworthy or Overhyped?

Have you tried any of these TikTok Recipes? What do you think?

Food Photography 101: 5 Easy Tricks to Take Stunning Food Photos on Your Phone

Food Photography 101: 5 Easy Tricks to Take Stunning Food Photos on Your Phone

If you're a food lover, check out these tips to find out how to take better photos of your food!

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