5 Most Unhealthy Foods to Eat When a Sugar Craving Strikes

5 Most Unhealthy Foods to Eat When a Sugar Craving Strikes

Be informed of the unhealthiest foods you may choose when a sugar craving strikes.

Nutritionist-Approve Ways to end Sugar Cravings

5 Simple Practices You Can Do to End Sugar Cravings Now

Ways to end sugar cravings are never easy until you read this

A Foodie and a Model at the Same Time? Let Chrissy Teigen’s New Cookbook Convince You

'Cravings:' Chrissy Teigen Cookbook Proves She Can Be a Foodie and Model at the Same Time

Imagine the public's surprise when supermodel Chrissy Teigen came up with a cookbook, titled Cravings, that promises loads of tasty real food - the kind that serious dieters wouldn't dare to touch.

Chocolate bar

3 Foods You Can Eat Without Ruining Your Diet

The foods in this list would satisfy your cravings and if eaten in moderation, would not make one feel guilty eating.

2011 Consumer Electronics Show Showcases Latest Technology Innovations

Tetris Cravings Study Claims Playing Puzzle Video Game May Help Weight Loss And Overcoming Addiction

In the oddest discovery of the past few weeks, a new Tetris craving study has found that there may be a negative correlation between playing the classic video game and fighting addiction, as the concentration required for this task can actually block these cravings.

Foods That Prevent Overeating

Food That Prevent Overeating

The researchers at Rutgers found in a new study that overindulging especially in high-fat food could be caused not by a lack of fortitude, but by the unmanageable hormonal response triggered by an imbalance in the brain.

Junk Food

Sense of Smell is the Source of Food Cravings

The Barkha Patel' s research study found out that people who had had higher body mass indexes (BMIs) had more realistic mental depictions of odors and foods than people with lower BMIs. And their research considered that the best predictor of BMI out of all the measures is the olfactory imagery of a person.

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