Los Angeles City Council Votes To Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The Science Behind THC: Why Do You Get High?

Have you ever wondered why you get high when you use cannabis? Why you can't just make a cannabis smoothie, but have to heat cannabis products to get the buzz? Find out why here.

Over 400 Marijuana Stores Ordered To Close As City Regulates Industry

Marijuana and ADHD: Studies Revealed That Weed Could Treat ADHD Better and Safer Than Adderall

Studies revealed that marijuana is safer that most ADHD treatment.

Cannabis Supporters Hope For Legalization

'Marijuana Health News': Cannabis Increases the Noise in Your Brain

"At doses roughly equivalent to half or a single joint, ∆9-THC produced psychosis-like effects and increased neural noise in humans," -Dr Deepak Cyril D'Souza

Marijuana is hitting the streets of Omaha in chocolate, candy and cooking packaging.

Marijuana Chocolates and Cookies Rise in Sales in Omaha: Pose Respiratory Danger to Children

Marijuana is making the rounds in Omaha in chocolate, cookie and candy form, posing health and safety issues especially for the youth and young children.

NYC Cracks Down On Synthetic Marijuana Epidemic

Popular Marijuana Synthetic Drug ‘Spice’ Leaves 16 People Seriously Sick, Why is Synthetic Drug Making People Ill?

The synthetic Marijuana drug called “Spice” has caused 16 people to be sickened in downtown San Diego, prompting investigations into what exactly causes people to become ill.

Weed Farm

Colorado Pot: Positive Of Illegal Pesticides

January 1, 2014 was the date that Colorado started to sell recreational pot to people aged 21 or older. Marijuana is considered to be the third most famed recreational drug after alcohol and tobacco in the US.

Controversial FDA Report Says No Medical Benefit From Marijuana

Recent Studies Revealed that Marijuana May Help A Patient With Parkinson's Disease

“Recently, another study revealed significant improvement in specific motor symptoms after treatment with Cannabis."


Pregnant Mothers Are Smoking Weed To Treat Morning Sickness But Isn't It Bad For The Baby?

Some pregnant mothers smoke cannabis claiming it is safer to treat morning sickness than prescribed drugs. But is it healthy for the baby? We're afraid not.

Operations Inside The Tweed Inc. Production Facility As Trudeau Win Signals Gains For Marijuana Stocks

Alaska: First Legal State to OK Option for Social Marijuana Use

Alaska is the first legal state to OK option for social marijuana use following its legalization this year

Los Angeles City Council Votes To Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

'Edibles': The Growing Popularity of Marijuana in Food

Edibles are making their way into the food industry.

An Initiative To Legalize Marijuana In California To Appear On Nov. Ballot : News Photo

Does Marijuana Cause Schizophrenia?

Numerous studies have emerged shedding a light regarding the battle on whether marijuana is capable of causing Schizophrenia.

Coloradoan's Celebrate 4/20 With Marijuana Smokeout

Marijuana May Combat Stress-Related Illnesses

Marijuana and its capability to reduce stress and anxiety.

Cannabis Supporters Hope For Legalization : News Photo

How Weed Keeps You Skinny: What Researchers Say About Marijuana, Weight, and Diabetes

Who would have thought that 'Marijuana' can aid weight loss too?

Medical Marijuana can replace pain reliever drugs.

Former WWE Superstar Val Venis: Medical Marijuana Saved My Life

Former World Wrestling Entertainment superstar Val Venis wants to tell the world that shifting to using medical marijuana is one of the main reasons why he is still alive today.


Even Casual Marijuana Use May Change Your Brain: Pot Smokers at Risk

It turns out that even casual marijuana use may change your brain. Scientists have found that the size and shape of two brain regions involved in emotion and motivation may actually differ in young adults who smoke the substance at least once per week.

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