SKINNY COW's New Divine Chocolates

This week is American Chocolate Week. Chocolate is often associated with being high in calories, sugar and fats. SKINNY COW is allowing consumers to enjoy chocolate without worrying about excess calories.


Nestlé Releases Nutritional Goals Warns Food Company's About Water Scarcity

Nestlé has expressed its new nutritional goals. The company is aiming to reach these goals by 2020. Its goal oriented plans showcases how serious the company is about educating consumers about the proper portion sizes their children should be eating.


Nestle, Coca Cola Trying to Decrease Obesity

There are a few major companies hoping to decrease the percentage of obesity; one of them being Nestle. Nestle is the nation's leading chocolate company that has dedicated a part of their website to helping people lose weight and make a lifestyle change.


PepsiCo Stock on the Rise

PepsiCo is experiencing an increase in their stock ratings. The stock has generally increased over the past year due to the fact that it is heavily involved in the sales of snacks and soft drinks. As of today, the cost of the common stock is $75.93 and today's open was $75.55. Yesterday it closed at $75.77 and reached a high of $75.95 today.

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