8 amazingly-shaped Italian pasta you should not miss

Do you love pasta? Here are eight of the best-shaped Italian pasta you can try.

italian pasta

Your 5 Best Pasta Place in the US

Italian cuisine has become part of American fine dining experience. Italian restaurants have entered the U.S. with their authentic signature pasts, regional and local Italian recipes and exquisite ambience. We always tumble upon Italian restaurants but do they have the best pasta in town?

LG's A Celebration Of Felidia Hosted By Lidia Bastianich With Fortunato Nicotra And Carmen Quagliata Presented By Wine Spectator Part Of The Bank Of America Dinner Series

Today's Good News: Make your own Cheeseburger Pasta!

Hold on to your seats, the future of comfort food cross overs is now here to grace our boring lives.

Which is Which for Pasta

The Definitive Guide to Perfect Pasta-Sauce Pairings

Penne, angel hair, linguine-there are many kinds of pasta that differs in shape, sizes and did you know that these variations have something to do with the perfect sauce to pair with it?

Congress Allows Pizza To Be Considered Vegetable In School Lunches

Have You Been Fooled? 'Italian' Dishes that aren’t Actually Italian

You may even be craving for something "Italian" every now and then (what a dream it is to swim in deep dishes of spaghetti and meatballs!), but did you know that the following foods are not actually of Italian origin?


Should You Stop Eating Bread? Carbs Are Not as Bad as You Think

Though carbohydrates may contribute in a person's weight gain, experts say that not all carbohydrates are harmful to one's health. Infact, carbohydrates are beneficial for the body to work properly.

Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Classic Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Classic Baked Macaroni and Cheese recipe

National Food Holiday: Today Is National Pasta Day!

October 17 is National Pasta Day, just another reason to enjoy one of the countless delicious variations that pasta offers. But did you know that the history of pasta has long been surrounded by myth, but in fact goes back centuries, or actually even thousands of years?

National Pasta Day: World Records With Pasta!

Italy's Barilla, and Turkey's Migros Ticaret supermarket chain teamed up to produce a half-tonne box of penne pasta, measuring 1-and-a-half meters high and well over a meter wide, which sells for 999 Turkish lira ($560), for charity , setting the world record for the Biggest pasta box, according to the World Record Academy.

National Pasta Day: Pasta Jokes!

Q: What do Italians eat on halloween? A: Fetuccini A-fraid-o


Which Pasta Shape Goes With Which Sauce?

Have you ever had a hard time to choose a pasta shape? Sometime we don't know exactly which pasta shape goes with which sauce. When the sauce matches the pasta, and the pasta shape matches the texture of the sauce, both can create the perfect taste. Here are some tips how to choose the pasta for your incredible pasta dish.

Sun-Dried Tomatoes And Artichoke Pasta

Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Artichoke Pasta

Easy but special taste of pasta.

Farfalle with Feta Cheese and Grape Tomatoes

Farfalle with Feta Cheese and Grape Tomatoes

In a large pot, cook pasta in boiling salted water; cook according to package directions; drain.

Fettuccine Bolognese

Fettuccine Bolognese

Bolognese is a meat-based sauce for pasta originating from Bologna, Italy. Fettuccine in a meltingly tender and richly flavored meat sauce can be one of your best dinner menus.

Lemony Garlic Kale Pasta

Lemony Garlic Kale Spaghetti

This simple dish is quick and easy to throw together and a good way to incorporate kale in our meal.

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