How to Make Kimchi Potato Salad

Do you love kimchi and potatoes? Check out this kimchi potato salad recipe and make it at home!

Clues to Possible Junk Food Carcinogen Found

Beware! Overcooking Your Fries is Not FDA-Approved!

The new warning by the Food and Drug Administration might change the way you deep-fry your French fries.

Dieng Cultural Festival 2014

7 Different Ways to Eat Potatoes

Potatoes are one of the most diverse things you can cook. You can choose first the type of potato (sweet potato, Irish potato, baby potato etc) and then select from a variety of options as to how you want to cook it. Packed full of nutrients and minerals potatoes are a great dish to add to your menu. Provided are seven different ways you can enjoy a meal with any type of potato.


Andrew Flinders Taylor: The Man Who Eats Only Potatoes

Andrew Flinders Taylor is on the Spud fit experiment for a year.

Potatoes: Not as healthy as what you think.

Potatoes: Not as healthy as You Think.

Potatoes when cooked in perfect ways may taste like heaven, but researchers believe that potatoes aren’t as healthy as other vegetables.

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