This is Not a Drill! Taco Bell Permanently Brings Back Potatoes in Their Menu

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This is Not a Drill! Taco Bell Permanently Brings Back Potatoes in Their Menu: Potato Lovers Rejoice!
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An exterior view shows a sign at a Taco Bell restaurant on March 30, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Taco Bell Corp. announced that on March 31, 2020, the company will give everyone in the country one free beef nacho cheese Doritos Locos Taco, no purchase necessary, to drive-thru customers at participating locations while supplies last as a way of thanking people who are helping their communities in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

What a time to be alive would be the famous line that applies to what potato lovers feel right now when Taco Bell announces that potatoes will be back permanently on their menu items after the brand has decided to cut them off during the pandemic.

Almost all fast food chains and brands are utilizing potatoes, and people from all over the world adore traditionally fried or French fries.

According to the Thrillist, customers' demand of bringing back potatoes in their roster of foods was the driving force of landing into a conclusion that the brand should bring back the fan-favorite vegetable to satisfy their patrons.

In a report by In an interview with The Kansas City Star, the food innovation officer of Taco Bell, Liz Matthews, says that their beloved potatoes' return is just the first step of showing their customers and fans their strong continued commitment to vegetarianism they are making this year.

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Taco Bell potatoes return

The Eater notes that the potato dishes coming back to their menu is the Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes and the Spicy Potato Soft Taco.

As before, potatoes can substitute the vegetable to any other filling in their menu. Triple Pundit recalls that the brand garnered much backlash from their customers when they cut off the potatoes in their menu during the pandemic. Taco Bell letting go of their potatoes greatly affects and upsets the vegetarian fans.

In response to this, Liz Matthews explains in Eater that the lack of indoor dining during the pandemic made them focus on paring down their menu items so that the customers can get through the drive-thru quickly.

The Spicy Potato Soft Taco will cost $1 while the Cheesy Fiesta potatoes will cost $1.49, but the brand still recommends contacting your local branch to know the price.

In addition to their drive to satisfy their vegetarian fans, Taco Bell will be partnering with Beyond Meat to compete with other restaurants and fast-food chains that have plant-based options for vegetarians and dieters.

Potato lovers react on this comeback

With the brand's announcement of bringing back their potatoes starting March 11, 2021, potato fans were thrilled about the news because they can once again enjoy foods with their favorite vegetable.

Numerous sympathies from potato fans were expressed on Twitter when the news caught their attention.

@ricke002 shares that the brand's announcement happens to fall during someone's birthday, and Taco Bell makes him very happy about it.

Another user jokingly threatens the fast-food chain saying that removing them from the menu in the first place was absurd and they should keep the fries.

@TheLouieValle asks the brand to bring back other menu items such as grilled stuff burrito and club chalupa. For @CarriePoppyYES the announcement of bringing back potatoes symbolizes hope.

Bringing back potatoes will make Taco Bell cater the vegetarian fans once again and give their customers more options to choose from. As potato lovers rejoice with the announcement, this marks another restaurant ready to dive into the plant-based market this 2021.

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