New Study Tests Health Benefits Of Chocolate's Cocoa Flavanols In Pill Form

Eating Legumes Helps Keep You From Getting Fat

Eating beans can speed weight loss and boost your health.

Price Of Milk Rises, Potentially Raises Cost Of Cheese And Pizza

You Can Be Addicted To Cheese and Pizza: Study

If you think there is something wrong with you because of your obsession with cheese, don't worry. Science proves that it is a common case.

Mother holding infant closely

According to Research, Kangaroo Style Mother Care May Be Beneficial to Preterm Babies

Babies who are born with a low birth weight that are held by their mothers skin to skin or what they call kangaroo style may have a lower risk of dying because of being premature.

Helping One Another

Pay It Forward: How Our Visual Attitude in Helping Others Influence How Quickly They Help Us Back

The effort it takes to lend someone a helping hand may affect whether that someone is willing to offer theirs in return.

Young Reader

'Messy' and 'Cluttered' Individuals are Actually Creative Geniuses

Being messy does not imply that you are lazy.

Fishes have feelings too

Emotional Fever: Research Shows Fishes Have Feelings too

A new study tells us that when animals show a slight increase in their body temperature which is connected to consciousness and emotions, this is called emotional fever and fishes have this.

Stem Cell Research

Ground Breaking Stem Cell Study for Therapy Emerges, Boasts of Cost-Effective Approach

The stem cell lines analysed in the study were established for clinical use by the Universities of Sheffield and Manchester, King's College London, and Roslin Cells, a company that specialises in the production of clinical-grade cells for use in therapies.


Low Sugar Diet Will Surprisingly Make You Love Your Sweets Even More the Next Time You Eat Them

In a new study, people on a low-sugar diet found sugary foods much sweeter than they had when they were on a high-sugar diet.

Married Couple

The Tone of Your Voice May Have an Effect on Your Marital Relationship

New research suggests extracting acoustic features from spoken interactions in couples therapy is a better predictor of relationship success or failure.

Smokeless Tobacco

Think It's All About the Smoke? Experts Say Smokeless Tobacco is Just as Harmful

Studies reveal that smokeless tobacco may do more harm than good to its users.

Cocoa beans

A New Era of Chocolates are on the Rise

The Belgian researchers bred robust hybrid yeasts to produce new flavors in fermented cocoa.

Mood changes as fast as the minute hand

Being Moody Helps You Adapt to Change Better

People usually dislike moody people and see them as irrational and disadvantageous. However, a new theory contests that mood swings can actually be a positive thing and may show social advantages of being able to adapt in all circumstances.

Aspirin helps in conception

Daily Intake of Aspirin Can Help You Get Pregnant

As latest research suggests, the cheap wonder medicine aspirin does not only prevent cancer, heart diseases and stroke but also increases chances of pregnancy. Women trying for baby and experiencing miscarriages may find help and solution from aspirin.

An expecting mother

Another Milestone in Stem Cell technology: Therapy for Fetuses

A team of scientists at Karolinska Institute in Sweden has paved the way for another milestone in stem cell technology when it conducted a pre-natal stem cell procedure on two fetuses that have since been born and showed positive responses.

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