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Robert Unanue

Goya Sparks Arguments After CEO Praises President Donald Trump

Goya CEO Unanue praises President Donal Trump and receives boycott as a backlash.


Starbucks Branch Writes 'Isis' on Muslim Woman's Coffee Cup

A 19-year old Muslim teenager filed a human rights complaint against a Starbucks barista after she received a Starbucks ordered labeled "ISIS."

Healthy Acai Bowl

2016 Food Trends: Which Food will Break the Menus and Become an Instant Hit to Peoples' Palate

Baum + Whiteman, a New York based group, released their own predictions of foods that will be popular on restaurant menus straight to peoples plates and mouths all throughout 2016.

Jonathan Cheban Hosts Fan Meet & Greet At IT'SUGAR Coney Island

A Sneak Peek on Gummy Bear's History

Gummy Bear lovers are in for a treat as their favorite confection's history is revealed.

Price Of Chocolate To Rise, As Demand Increases From Emerging Markets

Trader Joe's Recalls Dark Chocolate Graham Crackers After Label Mishap

Trader Joe's website made an announcement that they're recalling dark chocolate-covered honey grahams with sea salt.

Many Germans Earn Less Today Than 20 Years Ago

Faith In Humanity Restored When an Anonymous Legend Returned a Lost Wallet

Faith in humanity restored when a college student lost his wallet at the airport as per The Lad Bible. Tom Watts already lost his hope in finding it, thinking it was stolen. To his surprise, the wallet was mailed back to him after a couple of days with everything still intact.

Fat cat

Studies Show That Having Cats are Linked to Having Schizophrenia

Wait, WHAT?! Having cats can cause Schizophrenia?!

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