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A model is seen backstage ahead of the Antonio Marras show

Nutritional Supplements Can Help Protect The Eyes, Experts Says

Taking nutritional supplements and vitamins everyday can help protect the human vision as it can help reduce the risk of eye diseases, according to an eye care institute.

The Casu Marzu has been banned by the European Union.

8 Incredible Reasons Casu Marzu Is the Most Dangerous Cheese in the World

The maggot cheese is one of the most incredibly dangerous cheese, and food, in the world. Yet interest and demand are ever growing for this cheese. Find out why.


Walnuts' Health Benefits to Combat the Risk for Diabetes

When people in the study added 56 grams of walnuts (2 ounces, or about 14 walnuts) to their daily diet for six months, they had improvements in blood vessel function and reductions in “bad” LDL cholesterol.

The Color and Shape of Your Food Can Make You Lose Weight

The Color and Shape of Your Food Can Make You Lose Weight, Find Out How

Numerous research on food technology suggests that our overall experience on food specifically flavour is a fusion of our senses— not merely the nose and palate. Health and food journals actually point to our sense of sight as a major role player on how we take in food and how it greatly affects our appetite.

7-Eleven convenience in Asia branches is quite exceptional.

7-Eleven: 7 Surprising Reasons Why This Chain Is Worth a Visit - in Asia

When 7-Eleven reached Asia in 1979, this evolution took a downright interesting turn because when Asians say 'convenience store', they seriously mean convenience.

Food Manufacturing Giants Favor Natural Flavors

Food Manufacturing Giants Favor Natural Flavors To Win Consumers

Food manufacturing company General Mills Inc. has long been figuring out the best natural food colouring agents. With the use of fruits, vegetables and spices, they are trying to replace artificial food coloring that may suit the palate of consumers without compromising the overall appeal and taste of the food products consumers have gotten used to.

Sugar Reduction

Cutting Sugar Levels in Packaged Food: Is it Possible?

Sugar reduction in packaged food has been called for by health authorities worldwide. Reducing salt in most packaged goods have been successful, but will the same approach apply to sugar?

white wine

Marawi Wine: The Wine Which Used the Same Grapes as Jesus Christ's Wine

Drinking the same wine Jesus did nearly 2,000 years ago is now possible thanks to a small Israeli vineyard.

Apples contain antioxidants

A Healthy Heart Means Eating the Right Food, Heart-Friendly Snacks at the Office - Popcorn is One of Them

Average Americans eat almost the same amount of food as they did in the early 70s. The amount of calories consumed between-meals has increased to about 580 calories per day. For workers, make sure to pack and bring heart-healthy foods to make sure you're on the right track.

Marijuana is hitting the streets of Omaha in chocolate, candy and cooking packaging.

Marijuana Chocolates and Cookies Rise in Sales in Omaha: Pose Respiratory Danger to Children

Marijuana is making the rounds in Omaha in chocolate, cookie and candy form, posing health and safety issues especially for the youth and young children.

Fighting Obesity: How much should your plate contain?

Fighting Obesity One Plate at a Time: How Much Should You Have on Your Plate?

The battle against obesity can be slightly daunting, but knowing the appropriate plate sizes can make a difference.

Spouted grains hide untold health benefits within.

9 Benefits of Sprouted Grains

The stage between being a seed and being a new plant produces what is known as the sprouted grain, which possesses untold health benefits.

grilled bacon sandwich

3 Healthy Snacks That Are Giving You Extra Pounds, Find out What to Splurge on Instead

Experts discovered that some healthy snacks are actually high in calories and are giving one extra pounds. This list reveals three healthy but fattening snacks and the corresponding substitute treats to eat instead.


Cool and Fun Party Trends For 2016

What's new and what's in among parties set next year? Here are the top trends that are worth trying...

cut squash

Aged Just Like Good Wine: Give it Time, Squash Will Taste Better

Experts believe that like good wine, the quality of most squash enhances with the passing of time.

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Chicago School Officials Address Junk Food

Latest Trend Show Soda Losing Its Appeal Fast

A recent Mintel study shows that a quarter of American no longer ordering soft drinks in restaurants compared to a year ago.

McDonald's Reports Record November Sales Up 14.9 Percent

Unusual McDonald's Outlet Offers No Seating For Patrons

A new McDonald's concept outlet has to dining area. Instead, it offers a 'walk up" window to serve customers on foot. Food from this particular McDonald's store are all ordered to go.

Stall Holders Brave The Extreme Cold To Sell Food On The Wintry Roads Of Siberia

Pineapple & Bubblegum Flavored Strawberries Launched in Australia

Raintree Nursery has launched pineberries (or pineapple flavored strawberries) and bubblegum flavored strawberries in Australia, which are absolutely "fabulous".

Food Tech
Mmm... breakfast burrito

Burrit-OH! App: True Love Might Just Come With An Extra Hot Sauce

A new app wants you to find your perfect match solely based on burrito preferences.

Shake Shack Raises Prices For Upcoming IPO

Environmentally Conscious Canadian Creates An App For Budget Foodies

Feeling responsible for the planet, Pellegrini decided to make an app that could prevent leftover foods in eateries from making a trip to the landfill.

Planet Mars Shows Signs Of Liquid Water

Vegan Diet Could Attract Alien Activity

Cosmic mythologist and medical astrologist Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, posited that our diet as humans play an important role in attracting alien life into Earth.

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