Why Taco Bell May Be the Healthiest Fast Food Restaurant Today

Feb 25, 2016 04:20 AM EST | By Florence May P. Jose


With the image of fast food brands being "greasy", "fattening" and overall "junk", can one really be considered healthy?

For years now, most of the giants of the fast food industry have been focusing of rebranding that image, after numerous studies have linked fast food consumption with the rise of obesity, dDiabetes and other chronic disease cases.


In the case of the world's most famous Mexican-inspired fast food chain, (they claim) yes, they can. In fact, according to Taco Bell's dietitian and product developer, Missy Nelson, the fast-food chain already is.

Having worked for the fast food giant for four years, Nelson has dedicated her time to realizing the commitment of Taco Bell to strive to be one of the healthier fast foods known to man by cutting artificial ingredients and switching to the use of cage-free poultry-produced eggs for their meals.

Moreover, the restaurant has been updating their menu with newer and healthier menus like the lower calorie Fresco menu, high protein Cantina menu and their vegetarian menu, that is even certified authentic by the American Vegetarian Association. Aside from these measures, the company has also implemented a notion that all their food items' sodium content be reduced by 15 percent.

"We just really encourage people to customize to however it fits their lifestyle," says Nelson.

According to her, the food company's game plan is simple; they strive to offer a wider array of a menu that would suit almost everybody's wants and needs.

Taco Bell's ordering platforms, including its online and mobile applications, have been organized in such way that the customer recognizes his options and choices- "the choice to pig out or the decision to eat healthily."

Nelson also emphasized that their customers have the freedom to customize the meals they are ordering, one burrito perhaps. She said that Taco Bell always tries to serve their patrons with utmost transparency and honesty, to the point that even font and layout matters are designed in a way that would be least deceiving or confusing to ordering individuals.

"Us touting ourselves as a health halo - it's not authentic and it's not real," says Taco Bell spokesperson Alec Boyle.

Unlike other fast food chains that are actively participating in health campaigns through ads, Taco Bell opted to focus on making nutritional information readily available to those who want to make healthier choices. In fact, Taco Bell customers can even have online and-and in-depth discussions and conversations with "influencers" regarding healthier options and other related concerns.

According to Business Insider food reporter Kate Taylor, the introduction of healthier substitutes by fast food restaurants is possible and highly commendable. When it comes to this initiative, Taylor considers Taco Bell's efforts "one of the best."

"In my own personal experience, after a week of eating nothing but fast food, Taco Bell was one of the best chains around to find healthy options," Taylor said. "Nutrition-savvy advances can coexist with products that few would put on their diet plans".

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