5 Helpful Foods to Improve and Manage Moods and Emotions

Aug 09, 2020 12:18 PM EDT | By Madelaine D. (staff@foodworldnews.com)

Are you feeling sad? Stressed and want to boost your mood? Are you looking for something to boost and lighten up your day? If you are depressed, sad, or anxious, you should know that the nutrition you take causes emotions. 

Eating particular foods can help you manage your mood as well as your emotions. According to NewsWeek, foods rich in sugar, fat, and salt can make you feel good by boosting the dopamine of your brain. However, these foods may also result in a rapid fall in your blood sugar level that could cause mood swings. 

5 Helpful Foods to Improve and Manage Mood and Emotions

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Unpredictable moods may also lead to emotional eating. As per HealthLine, negative emotions may lead to empty feeling or emotional void. For most people, food or diet is a way to fill the void and create false feelings or temporary wholeness. 

Emotional eating is not the answer to help yourself. Based on studies, nutrition influences mental health by producing serotonin in the gastrointestinal tract. To help you improve and manage your mood and emotions, here is the list of foods to eat: 


5 Helpful Foods to Improve and Manage Mood and Emotions
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Banana is a perfect mood-booster. It includes amino acid tryptophan that also generates serotonin, a biological mood stabilizer that is proven to control anxiety and reduce depression.

Besides being rich in nutrition and potassium, banana is a good source of Vitamin B6 that stimulates serotonin and dopamine, which are also known as "pleasant hormones." These natural chemicals play a vital role in improving and changing emotions.

Nuts and Seeds

5 Helpful Foods to Improve and Manage Mood and Emotions
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Like bananas, nuts and seeds are fantastic tryptophan sources that will help you generate good feeling neurotransmitters, serotonin. Nuts are a good source of plant-based protein, healthy fats, and fiber. Nuts are also rich with essential minerals, which are the best component to partner for boosting your brain. At the same time, seeds like almonds, pistachios, cashiers, and pumpkin seeds have the largest tryptophan levels. 


5 Helpful Foods to Improve and Manage Mood and Emotions
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Chocolates made from seeds of cacao trigger the brain to release neurotransmitters. This component can cause emotions and a positive one. Consuming cacao helps the body to release a natural chemical called phenylethylamine that will enhance your mood. Cacao's antioxidant content also helps a person's health more than tea can give. 


5 Helpful Foods to Improve and Manage Mood and Emotions
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Antioxidants are needed to improve someone's mood and combat inflammation. Well, berries are loaded with anthocyanins, which are potent antioxidants. Pub Med's study in 2018 regarding anthocyanin-rich diets shows that 39% lower the risk of depression.

Berries rich in Vitamin C, such as acai, acerola, and blueberries, can minimize stress hormone cortisol and boost mood.


5 Helpful Foods to Improve and Manage Mood and Emotions
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Studies show that spinach produces vitamin B9 and folate. Leafy green rich in vitamin C can help minimize cortisol levels. On the other hand, the lack of enough folate is connected to depression because it hinders serotonin and dopamine metabolism. It is advised to eat folate-rich foods like spinach, brussels sprouts, and broccoli to eliminate depression symptoms. 

Maybe you enjoy eating sweet or salty foods to make your day, but in the more extended benefits, those foods won't help you have good health. Instead, choose foods that are nutrient-rich not just to enhance your health but also to improve and manage your emotions.

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