P-nuff Crunch Makes it to ABC's 'Shark Tank'

Oct 10, 2020 06:03 AM EDT | By Madelaine D. (staff@foodworldnews.com)

P-nuff Crunch, New Jersey's vegan and gluten-free healthy snack brand, will be featured on ABC's long-running series "Shark Tank" on Oct. 23. 

Dr. Juan Salinas, the founder of P-Nuff Crunch, will go face to face with the sharks on "Shark Tank's" 12th season.

Salinas, who has a Ph.D. in food science and spent over 25 years creating snacks for some of the largest food companies in the U.S., has created P-nuff Crunch to provide busy and active individuals with a healthy, easy, and tasty way to fuel up during and in between meals.

P-nuff Crunch is the only baked puff snack made from a unique blend of peanuts, navy beans, and brown rice that provides high-quality plant-based protein, fiber, and healthy carbs. These nutrients provide long-lasting energy and satisfaction, which are also vital in building muscle and staying fit.

P-Nuff Crunch: NJ’s Vegan & Gluten Free Healthy Snack Brand will Air on Shark Tank’s  Season 12
(Photo : P-Nuff Crunch Website)
P-Nuff Crunch: NJ’s Vegan & Gluten Free Healthy Snack Brand will Air on Shark Tank’s Season 12 P-Nuff Crunch, New Jersey’s vegan and gluten free healthy snack brand will air on Shark Tank’s Season 12, Episode 2 on October 23 at 8PM EST.

P-nuff Crunch has an addictive sweet and salty roasted peanut taste combined with the perfect crunchy texture. 

According to Salinas, who is also a certified sports nutritionist, he took aleap of faith and started his own healthy snack nutrition company after he was disheartened for not finding any healthy snacks for him to recommend or eat himself.

Looking to grow his family-owned business, Salinas reached out to "Shark Tank" in hopes of pitching his unique product to the sharks and sharing hisinnovation with the world. 

"With everything going on, I never thought I would hear back from the producers. In the midst of all the hardship brought about by the pandemic to small businesses this year, I felt like my prayers had been answered when I got the invitation to participate in season 12," Salinas noted.

Salinas said he was thrilled to be invited to Shark Tank to pitch P-nuff Crunch to these top-notch investors. Make sure to tune in to "Shark Tank" on Oct. 23, Friday, at 8 p.m. (EST) to see what will happen. 

For more details about P-nuff Crunch's products and its three flavors - classic, cinnamon, and cocoa, visit www.pnuff.com.

What is P-nuff Crunch?

P-nuff Crunch is the best snack for you if you are looking for a more healthy, nutritious, and delicious snack. It is made from only natural ingredients and does not contain any corn, soy or preservatives, colors, or flavors.

P-nuff Crunch snacks are all-natural, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and a good source of fiber. Surprisingly, the snacks only include two grams of sugar per serving despite having a slight sweetness. This definitely makes P-nuff Crunch a snack for all ages.

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