A Doctor Reveals What to Eat to Avoid Hangover

Oct 13, 2020 07:37 PM EDT | By Madelaine D. (staff@foodworldnews.com)

A top doctor revealed what you must eat to ease a hangover.

According to The Sun, eating Salmon and avocado washed down with coconut water can avoid a hangover. Dr.Zac Turner, a Biomedical scientist, says loading up on mega-healthy foods prior to the night of boozing can stave off a dreaded hangover.

Avocado and Salmon have natural fats that remain longer in the stomach. It means that these foods can slow down the alcohol that the body absorbed.

A Doctor Reveals What to Eat to Avoid Hangover
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Besides, eating a handful of nuts while drinking may also help not having a hangover as nuts contain vitamin B that gets depleted in the body when boozing. Dr.zac Turner told news.com.au that if you wake up feeling delicate still, grab a cold glass of coconut water to boost your body's potassium level. 

Aside from coconut water, superfood Chia seeds also help expunge the body of toxins that stubbornly stayed in the body after an all-night drinking event. Anyone who wants to attend a night out should take plenty of water during the event before going to sleep to avoid a hangover. 

Eating a balanced meal with lots of fat and protein helps protect your stomach from the harmful side-effects of alcohol, other experts say. After a night out, eat fruits high in fructose like apples or grapes to efficiently detoxify the liver from alcohol. 

"Drink water, plenty of water, during the night, and then plenty of water before you go to bed. You will be amazed how you feel the next day," Dr.Zac wrote. 

He added another tip for avoiding a hangover is eating beforehand. It is known that it is not advisable to drink with an empty stomach. However, the right foods make a huge difference. Dr.Turner said that you should always ensure that you will drink responsibly and take note that the best way to avoid a hangover is not to drink at all.

As per CNET, Hangover Helper by Lauren Shockey looks at storied hangover tips across the world.in the UK, a healthy fish finger sandwich is the trick to avoid a hangover. Meanwhile, in Canada, a platter of poutine smothered gravy, and cheese will do. 

Along with different recipes, the book offers a look at drinking worldwide, including the facts and figures behind what is the drink, who is drinking, and the diversity of food often eaten while drunk. 

You may read on the book for Lauren's tips on preventing hangover and not just about eschewing alcohol. You can also try her recipe of pickle brine Bloody Mary, a remedy for hangover popular in Russia and Poland before it arrived in the US. 

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