McDonald’s Employee Reveals How to Score Free Food in Viral TikTok

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A McDonald's employee dished on how to score free food by posting a video on TikTok.

Free food always sparks interest, and what could be better than free food from McDonald's? Just recently, a TikTok video created a buzz because it reveals how you can score free food and from McDonald's.

According to the Mirror, the TikTok video creator is Benita Jadah, an employee of the fast-food chain giant.

 @benitajadahHow to get FREE food at McDonald’s #McDonalds #freefoodhack #wipeitdown #poseathome #fyp #viral #secretmenu #mcdonaldsworker #freefood #customers  ♬ original sound - Benitajadah 

A related report from The Sun said the video currently garnered over 31,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Jadah claims to work at one of the U.S. store locations of McDonald's and reveals that there is a sure way to get free food from the food chain. She says the secret is to remain calm and collected when faced with delays and wrong orders.

Jadah says that if a customer politely approaches them regarding a messed up order, they will give them free food and possibly a refund too!

She further explains that fast-food chain staffs are human too and that they also make mistakes. However, no one likes to be yelled at and humiliated over such incidents.

She says that she completely understands a customer getting upset if a staff makes a mistake, but if they ask nicely and maintain the right attitude, they can get so much more than what they ask for.

Most of the comments agree that keeping a cool head and asking nicely is better for both the staff and customer. Other commenters claiming they work for other fast-food chains say that there is truth to this viral video.

There are also comments from customers who said they have tried it themselves and got favorable results.

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Fast-Food Chain Hacks On TikTok

It is not the first time that a TikTok video about a food hack has gone viral. Fast-food chain employees often use this platform to reveal information about their workplace.

One of these was TikTok user @anasteezy, who shared a hack on saving money for your Chick-Fil-A orders. 

@anasteeezy My pleasure y’all #cfahacks #cfa #chickfilahacks #chickfila #mypleasure #fyp #part1 ♬ original sound - anasteeezy  

As for McDonald's, another TikTok video is recently gaining popularity as it showed another food hack. The uploader was Josh Garlepp from Perth, who claims customers can score a cheeseburger for half the price.

The video showed how he interacted inside a local McDonald's store while ordering a hamburger with cheese on the side for $1.80 instead of $3.55 for a regular cheeseburger. The video has currently reached over 100,000 views and a multitude of comments.

 @joshgarlepp I’m not a hero, so stop bloody saying it #hero #fastfoodhack #maccas #mcdonalds  #deals #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound - Tik Toker  

However, not every food hack in TikTok will get you a discount or a free meal. Some of them can be as fascinating as turning McDonald's sweet tea into a boba tea version by adding five creamers. 

There is also a video showing viewers that McFlurry lids attach to the top of McDonald's soda lids for easy transport, especially when you are carrying lots of drinks.

With all these food hacks going viral in TikTok, customers are finding new ways to enjoy conventional fast-food. Additionally, it is an effective tool to create a buzz.

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