Here's Why Experts Think Keto is the Worst Diet Out There

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Is Keto Diet Safe? Here’s what Experts Think
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Keto diet promises a healthy and efficient weight loss that is why more and more people are getting attracted to dive into the diet trend. 

With a large community of various social media networking sites sharing their progress, people get inspired to hop in and try the restrictions this diet is requiring. 

You might be wondering and intrigued about what the keto diet is. In celebration of the National Keto day on January 5, 2021, let us explain what the Keto diet is and how it works. 

According to Marcelo Campos, MD, a contributor from Harvard Medical School's Harvard Health Publishing, the keto diet is causing the body to release ketones into the bloodstream and uses it as energy to fuel the body, instead of the sugar that comes from the carbohydrates. 

Along with the promises of weight loss, this diet trend is clouded with controversies that experts think this diet is not safe. 

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Why do experts think Keto is not safe?

Insider reports that the keto diet is ranked among the worst diets of 2021 which was from a panel of experts. However, Global News adds that even with the reputation of being one of the worst diets, keto remains the most popular in the United States. 

Yahoo! news mentions that the keto diet is used for decades in clinical settings to treat seizures in children which are hard to control. 

In an interview with Insider, Kristin Kirkpatrick, a registered dietitian notes that it is not keto's fault for being ranked poorly but it is the lack of long-term evidence about the high-fat diet will cause or do for chronic disease risk and longevity. 

Dr. Campos stresses in his article with Harvard Health Publishing that the diet lacks carbohydrates making it rich in proteins and fats, a concern for other experts because some of the sources of protein (like red meat) are related to chronic inflammation. 

The insider adds that the diet's high fat intake concerns the medical experts, coining keto as an extremely incomplete diet when nutrition is taken into account. 

Yahoo! News also adds the experts' other concerns such as the dangers it poses for people with eating disorders because restrictive diets can drive anxiety, binge eating, and overeating, making them gain more weight. 

The insider also mentions a 2020 study suggesting the diet's links on more injury-prone bones in athletes. 

Then why is it still so famous?

In an interview with Global News, registered dietitian Shahzadi Devje shares that any diet that is trendy and promises an individual to lose weight quickly and look fit will get someone's attention. She adds in the interview that the testimonies of people from the internet do not equate to trustworthy scientific evidence. 

Licensed Psychotherapist, Babita Spinelli shares with Insider that the Keto diet might work for some people but not everyone, that is the diet trend is ranked among the worst diets. Spinelli adds that the US news rankings and government recommendations endorse eating patterns that will benefit almost everyone not some. 

Since January 5 will celebrate the National Keto Day, it is best to know if the diet trend will work on you and will trim those love handles healthily. Consulting medical experts before diving into a diet must always be a priority to prevent having any health concerns.  

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