Attention Vegan Enthusiasts: Hidden Valley Ranch To Release Vegan, Dairy-Free Version of Their Dressing

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Attention Vegan Enthusiasts: Hidden Valley Ranch to Release Vegan, and Dairy-Free Version of their Dressing
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If you're a vegan or diving into the lifestyle, chances are you will be missing some of the foods most people love to enjoy, just like ranch dressing because it is not vegan friendly. 

But not anymore. A new vegan, dairy-free version of the Hidden Valley Vegan Ranch dressing will soon be available on groceries for vegans to enjoy.

Delish says this is another response of a mainstream brand to the growing population of people diving into a plant-based, flexitarian lifestyle. 

According to Healthline, vegans are individuals who avoid all animal and animal-derived products. That only means that vegans have a strict restriction on animal-based foods like ranch dressing, which has buttermilk or milk from an animal.

MSN notes that ranch dressing is known for its creamy texture and buttermilk in its original formula. Vegan ranch dressing recipes are available online, but it takes a lot of work to do it, especially if you are always on the go. 

Now, with Hidden Valley's response to this lifestyle, more and more people are getting intrigued about trying it, MSN shares. 

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Hidden Valley Vegan Ranch Dressing

The Thrillist shares that the brand Hidden Valley has developed or concocted over 70 different varieties or flavors of their fan-favorite dressing, such as the original ranch, cucumber ranch, bacon ranch, and avocado ranch. They even include a pizza and Taco flavored ranch.

As their new addition to their line, the "Hidden Valley Plant Powered Ranch" enters to cater to the people who are in plant-based and flexitarian lifestyles. According to Delish, the new variety of the ranch will include all gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free ingredients while maintaining their creamy and zesty taste.

Go Dairy emphasizes that the new variety of ranch dressing is certified plant-based and suitable for people who are also undergoing keto diets. It adds that two tablespoons consist of 110 calories, 12 grams fat, 1-gram carb, 0-gram fiber, 0-gram protein, and 1-gram sugar.

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MSN highlights that the bottle of Hidden Valley vegan ranch dressing can be in your grocery bags for $3.49 and is soon to hit the shelves of grocery stores by April 2021.

Delish also mentions that Hidden Valley is not the only brand to cater to the vegan community, but also Oreo announces its gluten-free version is in the works.

Hidden Valley Vegan Ranch Dressing Spotted

Attention Vegan Enthusiasts: Hidden Valley Ranch to Release Vegan, and Dairy-Free Version of their Dressing
(Photo : Big Box Vegan)
Instagram story form @BigBoxVegan confirming the new Hidden Valley Vegan Ranch Dressing

Although a Hidden Valley's spokesperson told MSN that the brand new product release's scheduled date is by April 2021, The Beet mentions an Instagram account named @BigBoxVegan that shows vegan products across the nation. It included a photo of the new product, which excites the vegan community.

In its Instagram story, Big Box Vegan also mentions that they received a message confirming that the product will be available in some stores over the next few weeks and will be broadly available in months ahead. 

The Hidden Valley's vegan ranch dressing will give vegan people joy to enjoy the dressing without guilt and so much work if they are concocting their vegan ranch dressing through recipes online.

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