Eat Your Heart Out! 10 Ideas for Edible Bouquets This Valentine's Day

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A day to celebrate love is fast approaching, and many are getting ready to prepare the perfect Valentine's Day treat. While traditionally, chocolates and elaborately arranged flowers are a mainstay during Valentine's Day, there are also various other gifts to choose from.

At present, there is an increasing trend of edible bouquets, yes! You can eat these bouquets to your heart's content.

Eat Your Heart Out! Edible Bouquets For Valentine's Day
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1. Beef Jerky Bouquet

There are no particular rules as to which type of bouquet you can give on Valentine's Day. To try something new, a beef jerky bouquet shaped as flowers may do the trick. It's the perfect treat to celebrate V-day with beer.

2. Baby Back Ribs Bouquet

If you want to level up on meat, then the Baby Back Ribs bouquet might be the one you need. According to, this is available and is the latest offering of the Boston Market. This bouquet is perfect to be shared with your loved one.

3. Chicken Nugget Bouquet


For people who prefer chicken, there is the chicken nugget bouquet. Although this started as a wedding bouquet with artificial chicken nuggets, according to Insider, it resulted in a DIY trend amongst fans who considered it a fantastic Valentine's Day gift idea.

4. Bacon Bouquet

This could be the best Valentine's Day breakfast gift. This is also a DIY idea to create rose-shaped bacon strips to form a bouquet. It's both economical and delicious at the same time.

5. Salami Bouquet

Filling someone's heart through the stomach isn't going to be an issue if you give them a salami bouquet as a gift. Choose three to six specialty salamis and then wrap them up in a beautiful arrangement.

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6. Pickle Bouquet

Who says bouquets can only contain sweet treats? Grillo's decided to create a twist on the traditional flower bouquet by offering the pickle bouquet. Grillo's DIY pickle bouquet kits cost $25, which includes wooden skewers, floral tissue paper, floral foam, ribbon, cellophane bag, an empty Grillo's container, artificial floral filler, instructions, a card for the recipient, and a coupon for a jar of Grillo's pickles.

7. Berry and Cupcake Bouquet

Replacing chocolates for another delicious sweet treat is the cupcake bouquet. This is sold at Stop & Shop and comes with six chocolate-dipped strawberries and red-frosted cupcakes that resemble roses. It is a beautifully crafted and delicious gift that can melt anybody's heart.

8. Chips Bouquet


Snack-lovers can also have a wonderful time during Valentine's with the Chips bouquet. This bouquet contains all-time favorite snacks like Ruffles, Doritos, Lays, Cheetos, and more. You can enjoy them while you are on a movie date night.

9. Fruit Bouquet

On a healthier note, there are also stores offering fruit bouquets. There are specific arrangements that feature chocolate-dipped apple slices, strawberries, melon, and orange slices. Meanwhile, others contain chocolate-covered strawberries, grape skewers, heart-shaped pineapples, bananas, cantaloupe, honeydew, and a Belgian Chocolate Pop.

10. Fresh Vegetable Bouquet



Veggie-lovers would love a bouquet of fresh vegetables. This Valentine's Day, this could be another option you can consider. If you think your partner is tired of receiving the usual gifts, surprise them with a fresh vegetable bouquet.

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