Stop Doing These Now: Smoothie Habits That May Shorten Your Life

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Science Testifies to These Smoothie Habits That Shorten Your Life
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Preparing a smoothie, whether for a snack or breakfast, is very easy and convenient since it does not take so much of your time. All you have to do is pop everything you want in your blender, then pour them in a glass, and you have a complete meal.

However, if you do it for so long, making smoothies every day may develop habits that shorten your life unconsciously.

Experts see smoothies to be healthier than fruit juices. According to the BBC Good Food shares, smoothies retain the whole fruit, including the fiber, healthy for the gut, alongside the free sugars, which contributes 5 percent of our energy.

To help you blend your healthier and proper combination of smoothies, here are smoothie habits you need to observe to prevent shortening your life.

Too Much Sugar

We already know that fruits contain natural sugar that makes them taste sweet. However, sometimes they taste bland, and you might not be the only one to put added sugar on your smoothie. Eat This Not That reports that apart from the added sugars, there are also fruits that contain too many sugars.

In an interview with Eat This Not That, licensed physician assistant and functional health consultant Jessica Meyers shares that sugar adds quickly when you use fruits like mango and pineapple.

Meyers adds that blood sugar spikes from a fruit-heavy smoothie correlate with inflammation, obesity, heart disease, and even hormonal problems.

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No Vegetables included

Vegetables are known for their nutritional value and the positive effects they give to our bodies. But did you know that vegetables can also be added to your fruit smoothies without even tasting them?

Times of India points out that adding green vegetables to fruit smoothies keeps the blood sugars in check because usually, fruit used in smoothies has high levels. Tre to put spinach or kale in your next smoothie mix.

Not enough protein

you might be including nutritious fruits and veggies in your smoothies, but do you think you consume enough protein?

In an interview with Eat This Not That, Dr. Uma Naidoo shares that the ideal smoothie should have a balanced combination of protein, healthy fats, fiber, and folate, found in leafy greens.

These nutrients help balance blood sugar levels, support your gut health, build immunity, and even balance your hormones.

Adding Fruit Juice

You might be putting fruit juice into your smoothie to make it more flavorful or boost the nutrients. But according to Insider actually, this is not ideal.

Store-bought smoothies and even the smoothies in your home might have added sugars hiding in some of your ingredients in the form of fruit juice and may cause a sugar rush in your body.

Meal Replacement

Most of us drink up the smoothie as a replacement for a meal, specifically breakfast. However, Eat This Not That does not recommend this practice.

Dr. Naidoo shares that the fiber content and complex carbs present in whole foods like vegetables will prevent the insulin from spiking, lengthening the feeling of satiety. Naidoo recommends consuming it as a snack might be a better option.

Observing these habits that shorten your life when making smoothies will help you lengthen your life and enjoy more adventures. Keep them in mind to have a better snacking or even breakfast, and still drink them in moderation.

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