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The New York Times New Work Summit - Day 1

Food Insecurity Might Increase Teen Mental Health Issues, Studies Suggest

According to a recent study, adolescents who are living in households with limited or uncertain amount of nutritious foods are more likely to have emotional and mental and conduct problems.

Unemployment Rates Drops To 5.3 Percent

KFC Bans Under 18 Teens Not Accompanied by Adults For Dine-in

Following a violence created by a gang of teenagers in the nearby locality, KFC, the renowned chain of restaurants has come-up with a partial ban on their customers in Meir Park, Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire.

Tutti Frutti

Prairie Farms Brings Back Chocolate Marshmallow Milk & Easter Egg Nog

For all those with a sweet tooth out there, Prairie Farms have taken an amazing decision to bring back Peeps Milk. They will also add two exciting flavors - Strawberry Crème Orange and Orange Crème - flavored milk.

Grand Tasting Presented By ShopRite Featuring KitchenAid® Culinary Demonstrations Presented By MasterCard® - Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival Presented By FOOD & WINE

Rainbow Bagels: How to Create the Delicious Colorful Bagels Easily [RECIPE]

If you haven’t seen a Rainbow Bagel yet, then you are the most unfortunate person, and probably have not used Instagram before or don’t log into it ever.

Arby's Meats Of New York Bus Tour

Arby’s Launches Leap Year ‘Vegetarian Menu’

This February 29, Arby's is launching a special vegetarian - friendly menu.

Senate Holds Hearing On Food Safety And Beef Recall

Listeria Poisoning Alert: New York Company Recalls Chicken Salads for Listeria

Last Thursday, NY-based Sally Sherman Foods, recalled 3004 pounds of various chicken products, which might have been contaminated with Listeria monocytes, according to US Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

Tmall Total GMV Reaches 91.217 Billion RMB On 11.11

Alibaba Founder Buys Bordeaux Wine Estate: Jack Ma Plans to Build 'Mini Versailles'

Jack Ma, who is known for his multi – billion-dollar online retailer website Alibaba, and for being the second richest billionaire in China, is now the proud owner of Bordeaux Estate, and Chateau de Sours.

Colorful Fried Breadsticks Appear In Hangzhou

The New Matcha Tea Flavor for Pancakes to Hit Japanese Market

The Japanese consider pancakes as a dessert rather than a breakfast food. To quench the thirst for the dessert, a new flavor of pancake is introduced: Matcha. The Matcha tea is the favorite sweet flavor of the country.

President Obama Meets With National Security Council At State Department

US President Barack Obama Makes the ‘Slave-Produced Goods Ban’ Stiffer and Stronger

The 86 yrs old act that banned the import of good to the US that are produced by the involvement of slaves and child labor is made stiffer and stronger by the new amendments of the president Barack Obama.

Chipotle To Close Restaurants For Few Hours For Food Safety Meeting

NYC Restaurants Can Be Fined For Missing Salt Warnings Starting March 1

Following the high health consciousness among the people and the risks of high salt content a Judge has enforced a new rule on the restaurants of New York to mention the salt alert in the dishes that are above the limit level.

Anti-Genetically Modified Foods Protest

GMO Labeling News: Maine Legislative Committee Remains Undecided on GMO Labeling

Although some members of the Maine Legislative Committee have voted to wait longer for passing a bill on GMO labeling, the remaining ones are focusing on starting the labels for foods containing genetically modified organisms.

Coffee Shop Drinks Found To Contain Excessive Amounts Of Sugar

Starbucks News: Coffee Giant Granted Rare Utah Liquor License

Starbucks was finally granted the liquor license for which they applied in November, by the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Brixton Brewery Making Craft Beers In The Heart of London

‘Barbell Brew’ May Soon Replace Protein Shakes For Gym Goers

Muscle Food, a UK site selling sports nutrition products, has come up with the all-new "Barbell Brew". The beer claims to be rich in proteins and having fewer calories than lean beers.

Champs Elysees McDonald's Reopens In Paris

McDonalds Partners With Chobani to Test Greek Yogurts

McDonald’s is collaborating with Greek yogurt maker Chobani for its Smoothies and parfaits in Southern California, as they are trying to transform into a “modern, progressive burger company."

Champs Elysees McDonald's Reopens In Paris

Dunkin’ Donuts vs McDonalds: Food Chains Fight Over Breakfast Turf

Dunkin’ Donuts have faced a decline in sales in the last quarter and as such, the company is trying out desperate changes to gain back their market share.

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Food Biz
Ben & Jerry's Reinvents Ice Cream With New Flavors of Gluten-Free Selections

Ben & Jerry's Reinvents Ice Cream With New Flavors of Gluten-Free Selections

Who doesn't love ice cream? Check out Ben and Jerry's gluten-free selections of your favorite dessert.

Cold Stone’s Black Boo Batter Ice Cream Returns As Perfect Halloween Treat

Cold Stone’s Black Boo Batter Ice Cream Returns As Perfect Halloween Treat

Try out Cold Stone's Black Boo Batter Ice Cream - Totally awesome!

Food Tech
Managing Risk And Staying Safe During Thanksgiving Amid Covid-19

Managing Risk And Staying Safe During Thanksgiving Amid Covid-19

How is your family celebrating Thanksgiving this year?

Air Pollution Causes People to Choose Food Delivery Services, Resulting in Plastic Pollution

Here's How Ordering Food Delivery Can Contribute to Worsening Plastic Pollution

With the increase in food delivery services nowadays, there's definitely an increase in plastic usage. What now?

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