Ways to Enjoy Leftover Ham after the Holidays

Ways to Enjoy Leftover Ham after the Holidays

Out of ideas for your leftover ham? Try these out

Holiday Cookie Idea Inspired from Around the World

The Best Holiday Cookie Ideas from Around the World

Bored on your usual cookies during holidays? Try these holiday cookie ideas that are easy to concoct!

McDonald’s Christmas Announcement: Free Food Until December 24

Here's How You Can Claim Your Free Food at McDonald's This Holiday!

McDonald's announces their Christmas promo that is anchored on Christmas favorites

Foods You Need to eat This Holiday Season if You’re on a Diet

On a Diet? Don't Miss These Healthy Food in Your Holiday Meal!

Worried about what to eat on Christmas eve because you're on a diet? Here are some of them.

Beef Wellington: An Extraordinary Treat for the Holidays

Beef Wellington: An Extraordinary Treat for the Holidays

Here's another recipe to try this Christmas season.

Eat Like the Royals: Christmas Feasts Through the Ages

Eat Like the Royals: Christmas Feasts Through the Ages

It's amazing to see how the Christmas celebration with Royal families has changed over time.

Huge Demand For Food Delivery Sparks A Christmas Chaos

Huge Demand For Food Delivery Sparks Chaos Few Weeks Before Christmas

Are you also planning to order food for yur Christmas meals? Better have them delivered at the soonest!

Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping: What Kind of Happiness Holiday Shopping Gives You?

The decision to buy a material thing or have a life experience depends on what kind of happiness a person desires.

Bottles of sparkling wine are seen on display at a Costco store

5 Rules to Choosing the Perfect Wine Present

If you don't mind shelling out extra dollars, here are some tips for the perfect wine present

fruitcake with almonds

Orange Almond And Yogurt Loaf: Perfect Alternative for the Traditional Holiday Fruit Cake [Recipe]

The orange almond and yogurt loaf has a citrusy flavor because of the orange, nutty taste of the almond, dense texture and the slightly golden hue makes it a perfect thing to serve when people come over for tea.


Tis the Season to Be Jolly: Tips on How to Enjoy the Holiday Season

Having a celebration drink is fine, but too many will ruin your Christmas

Fat Tax Could Improve Healthy Living

Red Robin Gives Away Burgers to People Named with Christmas Names

Red Robin celebrates the season of giving by doling out free burgers to anyone named Nicolas and Nicole and all derivatives of the names.

Holiday Cookies

Easy and Delicious Gluten-Free Cookies for the Holidays

Now you can enjoy gluten-free cookies without feeling guilty of the calories and weight gain. The best thing about them? You don't need to buy special gluten-free all-purpose flour to make great gluten-free Christmas goodies.

Christmas Feasting Without the Guilt!

Most people get in shape for the summer and come December it is expected that putting on some weight is a given.

Cold Season

Sick of Celebrating Christmas? Experts Explain Why People Get Ill During Holidays

A study was conducted by Dutch researchers in 2002 that found the connection between Christmas trips and flu. About 1900 participants answered a survey and 3 percent of them where found to feel sick on a getaway.

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