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Top 8 Feel-Good Fastfood Chains

Eating at a fast food chain is the easiest way if not the cheapest. We often feel guilty as we enter a fast food chain because we know that fast food will always be reminded that it’s synonymous to “unhealthy.”

McDonald's Japan To Offer Chocolate Topped 'McChoco Potato'

Healthy Ways To Enjoy Fast Food

The effort to have a quickie lunch drive thru tends to leave us feeling guilty as we think of the ways we're gaining calories and fats. While you're on the go, you can follow this guru-caliber advice on pointing at the right menu items in an effort to save big on fat and calories.

McDonald's Posts Strong Quarterly Earnings

Strange McDonald’s Menu Items You’ll Only Get Outside Your Country

Ever wonder what this fastfood resto offers in their plates around the world?

Own one with $10,000!

You can own your Chick-fil-A Franchise for just $10,000! But There's a Catch

Being one of the most successful fast food chains in the US, Chick-fil-A reportedly grew by $700 million, making it the largest pizza brand in the country, according to QSR. It is also the 8th largest fast food chain in terms of sales and generates more revenue per restaurant compared to any other food chains across the United States.

Fast Food

Food Addiction or Simply Natural Craving?

Dr. Susan Albers, a clinical psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and author said that these people experience much more than food pleasure. These food addicts become too consumed in thinking what food to eat, how to get it and how to pay for it.

McDonald's Japan

Travel Host Eats at Different McDonald's Around the World and Reveals Which is Best

Travel show host and producer was able to name the best McDonald's in all 34 countries he dined at.

Hamburger and Fries

Some Secrets of Fast Food Chains That You Don't Know

David Zinczenko, a former KFC crew listed several secrets of fast food chains. Read if you will agree...

Burger King Beats Expectations With Rising Q2 Profits

Burger King Menu Adds SPICY Chicken Fries – And Foodies Have One Direction’s Liam Payne To Thank [PHOTO]

While the biggest fast food chain in the world, McDonald's, is going through a major crisis that's endangering its position after months of poor sales, the Burger King menu seems to have done everything right in the past year or so - and now, thanks to one boy band's request, they're also adding spice to their lives!

McDonald's Reports Poor Quarterly Earnings

McDonald’s Closing Stores: 59 U.S. Golden Arches Locations Close In 2015, Unveiling New Burger Mighty Angus – Is It Enough To Save Fast Food Giant?

For the first time in its four decades of history as the biggest fast food chain in the entire world, McDonald's is closing stores in the United States after more than a year in poor sales - but the company's doing everything in its power to keep things running as usual.

McDonald's Presents The #BlogHer15 Closing Party

McDonald’s Table Service: Hiring Waiters For Table Service Trial In U.K., How Desperate Is McDonald’s To Boost Sales?

The worldwide leader in fast food has been going through the worst year of its financial history, and they're taking matters into their own hands by testing a series of different new possibilities in their restaurants, to new burgers to hipper versions of classic character Hamburglar - and now, even McDonald's table service.

American Film Market - Day 1

In-N-Out Shake: This L.A. Man Claims Milkshake Went Full ‘Breaking Bad’, Getting METH Served At Burger Joint

Over the course of decades, In-N-Out Burger has turned into the West Coast's favorite fast food chain, even currently expanding further to other locations on the other side of the country, including Texas - but back at home in Los Angeles, California, one man's In-N-Out shake reportedly had much more than he had bargained for.

Wendy's Announces Plans To Sell Over 600 Of Its Restaurants

Wendy’s Chicken 2015: Fast Food Chain Tries Antibiotics Free Chickens In 4 U.S. Test Markets

As concerns over so-called "superbugs" grow due to humankind's overexposure to antibiotics, something that could create resistance in the long term, many restaurants and even companies that sell chicken have taken a step away from using antibiotics on the farms where the animals grow - and that might include Wendy's chicken 2015.

Burger King Beats Expectations With Rising Q2 Profits

Burger King Sales KILLING McDonald’s – Thanks, Gourmet Burgers And Chicken Fries!

The biggest and longest-running rivalry in the fast food world continues for another quarter, and these days it's not exactly the biggest chain in the world earning the top bucks, as Burger King's sales are going much better than those of McDonald's, as the restaurant with the golden arches has been going through one of its worst years in history.

McDonald's Presents The #BlogHer15 Closing Party

McDonald’s Secret Menu UNCOVERED: Check Out These Fast Food Burger Hacks!

Although there are fast food chains, most notably In 'n Out Burger, that have notorious "secret" menus, the McDonald's secret menu is mostly completely hidden from the public, although a manager in Scotland has recently revealed some of the special burgers customers can actually get that aren't on the visible menus!

Well Cooked Poultry Safe Despite Bird Flu Fears

Chicken Hormones KFC: This Chinese Man Grew BREASTS From Too Much Fried Chicken [+PHOTO]

As the biggest food companies in the world announce they'll be taking antibiotics out of the diet of chicken they serve to customers, one tragic bit of news has gone viral in China, after a young man came out to say that the chicken hormones at KFC were so damaging they caused him to grow breasts.

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