Food Poisoning
Climate Change Is Bringing Back 2,000-Year Old Toxin That Causes Food Poisoning

Climate Change Is Bringing Back 2,000-Year-Old Toxin That Causes Food Poisoning

Mycotoxins pose another danger we need to steer clear of this 2020.

Leftover Food

Leftovers: How Long Should You Keep Them?

Do you have leftovers at home? Here are some things you need to know about leftovers and food spoilage.


How To Avoid Food Poisoning: Detecting And Preventing Food Poisoning Goes Hi Tech

Afraid of getting food poisoning? Thankfully, there are now new hi tech ways to detect and prevent the situation.

A baby, who drank tainted milk powders, receives type-B ultrasonic examination in a Hospital on September 17, 2008 in Wuhan of Hubei Province, China. A new study has found evidence that food poisoning results in augmented suicidal behavior.

Study Associates Food Poisoning to Augmented Suicidal Behavior

For long scientists have been working to find out the reasons that prompt an individual to end his/ her life. Now, findings of a recent study reveal that food poisoning is one of the causes behind increased suicidal behaviors. The study has established a correlation between food-borne parasites and mental or emotional problems endured by some people.

FDA Issues Warning After E. coli Outbreak Traced To Spinach

France Bans Supermarkets Cuts From Throwing Out Food to Cut Food Poisoning Risks

France makes a huge step by becoming the first country to ban supermarkets from throwing away unsold foods. The law is set to apply this month.

Display Of Chinese Food

35 Chinese Restaurants Probed for Opium Usage

Following the recall of an opium-laced cough syrup that's manufactured in China, five restaurants near Beijing are currently facing criminal charges and another 30 will be going through intense investigations for allegedly seasoning their dishes with opium.

North America Hit with Another Salmonella Outbreak

6 Foods You Should Avoid Eating to Prevent Food-Poisoning

Amidst all the food safety issues that has been springing up left and right, it's only practical for one to ask what certain foods should be avoided to steer clear of the often miserable and traumatic effects of food poisoning.

Chipotle Presents Cultivate Denver

Bad News for Chipotle: Studies Reveal Fresh Food Not As Healthy As It Seems

According to CNN Money's recent series Raw Ingredients, about half of 48 million illnesses in the US per year is caused due to contamination of sfresh produce.

For Your Information

Lessons from the Chipotle Fiasco: How To Avoid Food Poisoning

Since news about the Chipotle food poisoning broke, a lot of people became more concerned about the food they eat. The public began to realize that even renowned brands and giant food chains can also be the breeding ground for the next food related fiasco in town.

Celebrity chef Giada de Laurentiis has some truly useful tips on how to prepare meals that can be frozen.

5 Dangerous Food Fallacies and Practices

Celebrated author and TV personality Julia Child once joked: "Always remember: If you're alone in the kitchen and you drop the lamb, you can always just pick it up. Who's going to know?" Kitchen practices in relation to food health and safety, in truth, have been evolving. Microbial activities, including bacterial benefits and detriments, have been undergoing a huge amount of demystification. A number of practices and measures believed to be safe - even healthy - in the past have been proved otherwise. A few of these have been compiled by food microbiologist and Food Safety Information Council vice president Cathy Moir.

Apple Retroduces ResearchKit

Food Safety Alert: Startup Takes Testing Out of Chemistry Lab

iPhones have advanced so much that they are being used in a number of medical applications. All sorts of apps are now available from screening to managing one's disease, however, this innovation may be the most advanced yet.

Tesco Makes Record Profits In Six Months

Food Poisoning From Chickens: 73% Of UK Chickens Infected With Potentially DEADLY Bacteria

It seems like, at least in the United Kingdom, the largest causes of food poisoning's from chickens, as a shocking study has recently revealed that almost three quarters of all poultry sold within the biggest supermarkets in the country are infected with the bacteria most commonly associated with food poisoning.


Salmonella Cases Decline, But Food Poisonings Remain High

Foodborne illnesses continue to be a major problem in the United States, despite a decrease in the number of Salmonella cases in recent years.

Lunch Trays

Over 900 Japanese Children Suspected Food Poisoning From School Lunch

Health and education officials at elementary schools in a central Japanese city reported that more than 900 people have fallen ill in a suspected outbreak of mass food poisoning.


Health Officials Use Social Media to Track Down Food Poisoning Victims and Responsible Eateries

Health officials in Chicago are asking food poisoning victims to tweet their eatery experience.

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