Food waste prevention
Starbucks Reports Quarterly Earnings

Starbucks Will Donate Unsold Food: An Effective Way To Address Both Hunger and Food Waste?

Seattle-based Starbucks launches FoodShare, its food donation program that aims to give away all unsold food items from it U.S. outlets.

Best-before dates, food waste piles up

Social Supermarket Wefood Takes Center Stage: Denmark Welcomes First Surplus Food Store

Wefood prides itself as Denmark's first store surplus food. The shop located at Amagerbrogade 151 Copenhagen gained popularity as it encourages consumers to do their share in fighting food wastage.

Thousands Of San Francisco Area Restaurants Turn Food Waste Into Fertilizer

Tesco to Donate Unsold Food to Charities

This year UK's supermarket giant, Tesco, finalized a deal to donate unsold food to charity to help lessen the problem of food wastage.

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