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Cherry and lemon gelato ice cream

Ways People Enjoy Ice Cream Around the World

Throughout the years, through innovations such as soft serve, frozen custard and thick pints chocked full of garnishes, ice cream has turned into America's most loved dessert. Here are diverse ways people appreciate frozen yogurt around the globe.


Can You Guess What Is America's Favorite Comfort Food?

The Poll was commissioned by Harris Poll, one of the longest running surveys measuring public opinion in the United States.

Ice Cream and Chocolate

Price Chopper Recalls Central Market Classics Ice Cream for Metal Shavings

Before you dig into that tub of Central Market Classic Caramel Caribou ice cream, it would be best to check the UPC number. Price Chopper had just issued a price recall for their ice cream due to a possible metal shaving contamination.

Tamir Gal serves up a freshly-roasted chicken in his restaurant

The Top 6 Foods Doctors Won't Eat and Why You Shouldn't Eat Them As Well

If ever you find yourself asking if your doctor munches on the same stuff that you do, wonder no more. The Daily Meal surveyed a group of doctors as to what foods they would consider "bad".

No Machine Needed!

WATCH: Make your Own Ice Cream with Three Ingredients, No Machine Needed

Did you know that you can make your own homemade Ice Cream, even without a machine? And the best part is, you will only need three ingredients!

Ice cream

Having Ice Cream in Your Diet May Be a Healthier Choice

Including ice cream in your diet may make you feel better as compared to eating low-sugar food.

The Great British Seaside - Weston-Super-Mare

Would you eat ice cream from 300 years ago?

Is the ice cream from the Georgian era better than the modern ice cream?

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Ice Cream China: After Inventing It, First Time In History China’s Biggest Ice Cream Market Worldwide!

Even though the ancient Asia country was the one that invented this delicious frozen treat for the summer, ice cream in China hasn't seen the country become the biggest consumer of the product in its history - that is, until right now.


Ice Cream Flavor Treat Made With Viagra and Tastes of Champagne

Forget about talking the bill pill, a British ice cream maker has created a flavor that includes 25 mg of Viagra per scoop.


Yuengling Ice Cream Finally on Store Shelves After 28 Years

Yuengling ice cream has officially joined the ranks of freezer favorites like Ben & Jerry's, Edy's and Breyers.


Yuengling Ice Cream Makes Comeback After Nearly 30-Year Hiatus

After a 28-year hiatus, Yuengling's ice cream is coming back to store shelves.

Ben and Jerry

Ben & Jerry's Put a Stop to Porn Producer Using Their Trademark Titles

A settlement as resolved the issue of a California pornography company using Ben & Jerry's ice flavors in adult movies.

Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream

New York Celebrates National Ice Cream Day

We all scream for ice cream as New York celebrated National Ice Cream day created by former president Ronald Reagan.

rhubarb ice cream

Spring Homemade Dessert: Strawberry Rhubarb Ice Cream

Surprisingly delicious spring dessert.

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