Major depression
Every Fifth Berlin Is Affected By Hay Fever

Depression: Recent Studies Revealed That Hay Fever Can Cause Depression

The studies documented in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research, revealed that teens who suffer from hay fever are more prone to being depressed as an adult.

Winter Blues Beckon As Daylight Hours Foreshorten

Depression Awareness: Understanding the Types of Depression

Depression does vary in terms of symptoms, it is important to know the difference to properly understand the individual suffering from the mental disorder.

American Heart Association Recommends Eating Seafood Twice A Week

Study: Higher Fish Consumption Could Reduce Risk Of Depression

A high intake of fish is frequently regarded as being part of a healthy diet.

Doctors Warn That Anti-Depressants Can Lead To Suicide

Anti-Depressants, Doing More Harm Than Good

Depression have been talking its toll over the years and has caused numerous deaths worldwide, numerous studies have been made to ease or cure the said disorder, yet no one has come up with a perfect solution to it. Though awareness and campaigns were made to fight and prevent it, death tolls caused by depression continues to rise as the years have passed, thus giving some researchers an idea to come up of a recent study which considers depression as an infectious disease instead of an emotional disorder.


Young Dads At High Risk of Symptoms of Depression

A new study suggests that men who become fathers at a young age experience depression during the first few years of their fatherhood.


Depression Linked To an Increase in Heart Disease

A new study is suggesting that depression may increase the risk of heart failure.


Is a Party Drug the Cure For Depression?

The popular party drug, ketamine, could be used to help some people suffering from severe depression.

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