mediterranean diet
Mediterranean Diet

Starting a Mediterranean Diet? Here Are the Foods You Need

The Mediterranean diet is heart-healthy and delicious! Here are five staple foods of the Mediterranean diet that you need to add to your grocery list.

Health Experts Reveal the Best Diet For 2021

Health Experts Reveal the Best Diet For 2021

Here's a good way to start the year right.

Aspects Of The Mediterranean Diet

The Perfect Combo: Why Olive Oil and Mediterranean Diet Go Hand in Hand

A study shows that Mediterranean diet (MedDiet) consumed along with olive oil can positively influence gut bacteria, insulin sensitivity and metabolic syndrome.

Aspects of the Mediterranean Diet

Itching to Lose the Holiday Weight? Try These Easy-to-Follow Diets

These stress-free diets were ranked by U.S. News experts based on a number of factors. Is the food tasty? Do they have strict guidelines to follow, like eating a specific number of times a day? Read on to find out more.

Mediterranean diet

What Is a Mediterranean Diet? How Does It Help in Losing Weight?

Weight loss is another reason to start taking fish oil supplements during meals.

Aspects Of The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet, A Healthy, Organic Award Winning Diet Lengthens Life

You may have tried diets that are found in books and exercise manuals but Princess Ngozi Kachikwu is an award winning author that has developed a global diet comprised of ethnic and cross culture foods that not only treats malnourished children but lengthens life.

Drinking a Shot of Olive Oil a Day Can Actually Lengthen One's Life.

Drinking a Shot of Olive Oil a Day Can Actually Lengthen One's Life.

They said that drinking a shot of olive oil is a healthy diet and can cause one’s life to be longer.

Aspects Of The Mediterranean Diet

Study: Mediterranean Diet and Olive Oil May Cut Breast Cancer Risk

Eating a Mediterranean diet, rich with plant foods, fish and olive oil, has been found to be good for the heart, the brain and overall health.

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Healthy Pregnancy Diet Decreases Baby’s Chances Of Heart Problems, Study Shows

While it's always been advised to follow healthy eating habits during the months of gestation, a recent piece of research from the British Medical Journal shows that there might be one extra benefit that hadn't been accounted for in the past: it would seem like following a healthy pregnancy diet could in fact decrease the baby's chances of suffering heart problems.

Biggest Diet Mistakes According to Experts

Mediterranean Diet is Truly Good For your Health

The Cancer Society Research Centre researchers, found out that men with prostate cancer can benefit from Mediterranean-style diet. The researchers study found that "olive oil, fruit and vegetables, legumes (pulses), whole-grains and poultry with some fish and seafood" will respond favorably to men with prostate cancer

Aspects Of The Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet Cancer: Olive Oil, Cereals And Fruits Could Reduce Uterine Cancer Risk

There are many benefits to the famous diet that comes from Southern Europe like Greece, southern Italy and Spain, and scientists have uncovered more and more benefits of a diet rich in olive oil, legumes, fruits, vegetables and unrefined cereals - and now, that also includes Mediterranean diet's cancer prevention.

Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean Diet May Lower Your Risk of Diabetes

Want to lower your risk of diabetes? Then you might want to try out the Mediterranean diet.


Mediterranean Diet Linked to Lower Risk of Heart Disease in Young Workers

Want a healthier heart? Then you may want to stick with the Mediterranean diet.

olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Could Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Researchers are currently looking into whether or not extra-virgin olive oil can play a role in protecting against Alzheimer’s disease.

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