What Happens When A Macaron Marries A Donut?

Mar 24, 2016 06:13 AM EDT | By Anita Valensia

March 20 marked the special day of a new sweet tooth couple in town. At the 7th annual Macaron Day, French pastry chef, Francois Payard decided to launch his first Macaron Donut. Sold out, hours after its debut, the macaron donut, is the new colorful sweet frenzy in town. Ready for replacing the Cronut, perhaps?

Macaron donut sets a new trend on the dessert table after debuting with 'successful afternoon hours'. Customers who came later in the afternoon had to go home empty-handed as all of the rainbow desserts sold out in five stores.

Sold at $5 each, the dessert is now popularly known as #Macaronut - a marriage of meringue based pastry and donut - creating that doughy consistency that is soft, sweet and crunchy.

Captured on his Instagram, the food hybrid has gone wild as the chef admittedly had to make the dough 'again' for the weekends but limited the purchase of only 2 per customer.

What's in the hybrid pastry?

According to the Daily News, macaron donut is the sweet treat that 'combines the traditional Parisian cookie with the classic American fried sweet'. Categorizing the dessert as 'hybrid pastry', each has strawberry cream sandwiched between strawberry-flavored fried dough at the bottom and thin rainbow-sprinkled macaron shell on top.

For 30 years, Chef Payard has been making upmarket pastries in New York and Paris. Both cities have inspired his pastry-making methods lately. The genius chef's idea is to bring classic desserts to a new level and sensation. Not just some random thought, punching a hole in the macaron is purely his plan of innovating the cities' most popular treats, the versatile Macaron cookie, and fried donut. In his official site, Payard describes the creation fully comes from his 'personal and fun interpretation'. Payard plans to continue developing more flavors and bright colors.

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