Raw Milk Consumers: CDC Warns Against Miller's Organic Farm

Mar 21, 2016 06:20 AM EDT | By Anita Valensia


After the death of a Florida consumer, CDC warned the public not to drink farm-produced raw milk. The advice is suggested after the 2014's finding that confirmed the presence of bacteria in Miller's Organic Farm products in Pennsylvania. The FDA report published in January 2016 found listeria in raw chocolate milk produced by the farm. The test was taken after the consumption resulted in the hospitalization of a patient in California and a deceased person in Florida.

Unaware of the health problems, Amos Miller, owner of Miller's Organic Farm, told CBS that he's still selling the dairy product and prayed for the best. Miller's company operates privately to supply farm-grown milk only to members.

The identification of the public health has been traced back in 2014 after conducting interviews with victims and their family members. Both drank raw milk from Miller's Organic Farm. The issue has created a huge concern from public and authorities that CDC feels the necessary to take further tests on the distributed products that could possibly make people sick.

The conclusion

When it comes to 'back to nature', people need to be aware of how raw foods can pose serious health risks. Minimal processing may not be able to completely kill germs.

Milk that has not gone through pasteurization process may carry lists of viruses and bacteria including salmonella, E.coli, and listeria. The CDC official site highlights the danger of unpasteurized milk that causes foodborne diseases. Recommended consumption on pasteurized dairy products includes ice cream, soft cheese, or yogurt.

For children, pregnant women, adults over 65, and people with weak immune system are prone to foodborne illness that it's necessary to consume high-temperature processed milk. The investigation is still an ongoing process as the state and local public health perform lab testings to identify further regarding listeria outbreak.

Learn more about the danger of consuming raw milk in CDC food safety page.

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