This Smart Oven Can Bake, Boil And Steam At The Same Time

Mar 28, 2016 04:49 AM EDT | By Anita Valensia

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What if your oven can bake potatoes, steam broccolis, and boil chicken at the same time?

Combining technology and convenience - Tovala Smart Oven is the newest electronic appliance you'll want to put in your kitchen. Removing all of the hassle preparations, the smart Tovala is enhanced with barcode scan and connected over Wi-Fi.

When connected to your smartphone, you can scan the barcode attached to the prep meal and put it inside the oven. Heat the food as per instructions and your meal is set. Tovala can be a standalone countertop oven or you can use it with an app to deliver ready-to-cook Tovala meals.

The fresh food delivery is not a new service in town. The art of creating an agile lifestyle, according to TechCrunch contributor Nic Milanovic, has been done by Blue Apron. But Tovala makes the whole thing a lot easier with your packaged meal that comes with the barcode to 'tell' the oven how to cook the specific food.

How it works

The smart oven combines dry and wet heat technology- hence, it can bake, boil and steam your meals in less than 30 minutes with temperature up to 550 degrees of Fahrenheit. Unlike a microwave, Tovala won't overcook meals because it has been automatically set for the right temperature. The technique allows you to cook many types of ingredients such as rice, poultry, asparagus, and may other foods - at the same time.

Let say, if you want to bake chicken and steam asparagus. The smart appliance will know how many minutes to bake the chicken, and then near the end of cooking time, it will kick start the broiler for the asparagus to set perfectly.

Prepackaged meals that Tovala provides, can feed up to four persons. They are made from the freshest ingredients in Tovala kitchen with calories ranging from 400 to 800 per serving. Tovala has its own library for diet crazes such as vegan, gluten-free or paleo. Meal options are varied up to 6 dishes weekly.

Demonstrating Tovala to TechCrunch, Tovala founder David Rabie described his innovation as 'the future of food' where home cooked meals can now easily be produced at home - the way it should - using delivered ingredients.

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