Healthy Fast Foods Side Effects: A Tip for Dieters

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Healthy Fast Foods Side Effects: A Tip for Dieters
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A selection of foods from McDonald's new 'Real Life Choices' menu are displayed January 7, 2004 in New York City. The fast food giant has developed a low fat, low calorie and low carb menu for designed for any lifestyle.

Every New Year, there are possibilities of having a 'healthy lifestyle' New year's resolution, and every year it's getting more challenging because meal options for dieters are very small. This year, with the announcement of certain restaurants of other healthy fast food items on their menu, dieters can now enjoy the luxury of eating outside with their friends at their restaurant.

Being on a diet is like being a warrior in the center of a battlefield, you have to win against temptations of a variety of fast food items that are not applicable for the program you are undergoing to. This happens especially offers for individuals who undergo Keto Diet or plant-based diets and lifestyle because usually, they make their meals at home. But with restaurants offering options that like taking out carbs and leaving the protein on the plate. But did you know that experts argue why consuming "healthy fast food" items are somehow not healthy for you?

Here are the side effects of eating healthy fast foods which dieters must know to avoid adverse effects occurring in their body.

Blood Pressure Increased

Technically after eating, blood pressure slightly goes up according to Medical News Today. But for fast food items, even the healthy options, this is not the case. According to Eat This Not That, fast food is loaded with a hefty amount of sodium which is dangerous for anyone. They also mentioned that many salads are, also sandwiches, and soups which are from major fast-food chains contain more than 50% of your daily sodium intake.

Nutritionist Toby Amidor shares with Eat This Not That, that even if an individual is getting fewer calories from healthy food menu items, they are still getting so much sodium that may clog the arteries.

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Too Much Sugar

Aside from sodium that may clog the arteries, added sugar may also be present in your healthy food options on your menu. Although salad dressings are utilized for aiding your weight loss, Healthline notes that this salad's companion (even the fat-free ones) like the French dressing has 2.5 grams of sugar per 2 tablespoons, but the fat-free version has 6 grams per tablespoon, which was reported by USDA. This can be very alarming and disturbing for people who are controlling their sugar intake especially if they have a history of diabetes.


Eat This Not That notes that having lighter meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can make you feel even hungry and make you turn to more snacking. They also note that hunger (when you are not motivated enough to lose weight) can lead you more to snacking that can inculcate more calories in your body. Cheat Sheet also shares that snacking may add to weight gain if an individual snack on the wrong foods, snacking at night, and leaving yourself dehydrated. This means that even if you eat healthy fast food items, you might still eat some more at home.

Weight Gain, and other conditions

Eat This Not That notes that even if the food you chose to form the menu item is healthy, these foods are still mass-produced which means it is highly processed. They emphasize that processed foods are chemically changed and made from refined ingredients and artificial compounds and substances which may not be healthy for the body in the long run. Reuters points out that processed foods are also usually high in sugar, empty calories, and consuming them has been linked to a variety of health problems which may also increase your weight.

Healthy fast food items can be a big help for dieters but consuming them should still be taken into moderation to avoid having dangerous side effects on the body.

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