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It's Not Security Breach: 200,000 Comcast Customers Told To Reset Usernames and Passwords

Reports are circulating about Comcast forcing its 200,000 customers to change their passwords and information after a suspected security breach Monday this week. However, the cable giant never acknowledged that the company has been hacked.

Hot Dog

Hot Dog Debate: Is it Really A Sandwich Or Not? Americans Have Decided.

The great American debate has finally come to an end after decades of uncertainty. Now, we have arrived to a definitive answer on whether or not hotdog is a sandwich. An official press release from the America's National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC) states that hot dogs are not sandwiches.


Powdered Caffeine Dangerous in the Hands of Teenagers

There are many health benefits of coffee. With its easy accessibility, anyone can purchase the morning kick-starter even teens. Many teenagers around the country are adding it into their routines. However the danger lies in the amount of caffeine intake, a small difference from the regarded accepted dose could kill you as experts say.


Study: Half of US Women Gain Too Much Weight During Pregnancy

While it is an acceptable fact that pregnant women are eating for two, studies reveal that it has gone beyond the acceptable food intake. According to the United States Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at least half of U.S. women are gaining more than the recommended weight during pregnancy.

Medical Marijuana

Monday Sale! Medical Marijuana Now Available in Illinois

Medical marijuana is set to be rolled out on Monday. Reports from Chicago Tribune reveals that marijuana is now expected to be sold in Illinois legally for the first time in decades. Those who are qualified to be among the first patients in the state's cannabis program may now avail the said drug.


Myth Busted: Kangaroo Farts Are Not Eco-Friendly As Previously Thought

Previous theories state that marsupials had unique gut bacteria thus producing less methane. However, a new study reveals that Kangaroo farts are not as eco-friendly as previously believed.


Lose Weight By Making Food a Sensual Experience

With all the fad diets circulating the web, this one seems to be the most pleasurable. According to researchers at the University of British Columbia, one can lose weight by making food a sensual experience. Focusing on calories and health is not as effective as emphasizing pleasure according to the research.

Whole Foods Lower Its Earnings Expectations Amid Increased Competition

Whole Foods: Non-Organic Can Be "Responsibly Grown"

Whole Foods ignited the organic food phenomenon 35 years ago with its first stores in Austin, Texas. It has successfully convinced Americans to go organic even for an extra cost. However, with recent reports about its declining earnings in the past few weeks, Whole Foods is still determined to be the ambassador of good health by introducing "Responsibly Grown" program which allows conventional, nonorganic growers to be recognized for good practices.

Kids Praying

Study: Non-Religious Kids More Generous Than Religious Ones

Morality is often associated with religion. Our beliefs are often shaped with our faith or the lack of one. However a new research has some surprising revelations. It was actually found out that children from religious households are less generous than kids from a non-religious background.


Rufus Cuff: Not a Smart Watch But More Like A Mini-Tablet on Your Wrist

When phablet (mobile device which size comes between a phone and a tablet) was first introduced, it sounded weird and funny until everyone had one. One company wanted to have the same transformation with smart watches. Rufus Labs produced a rather large smart watch that is essentially a low-end smart phone strapped sideways to your wrist as reported by The Verge.

Smog in China

China News Pollution is Much Worse Than Government Previously Disclosed

It is known that China has been emitting a massive amount of greenhouse gasses from coal into our atmosphere however it was found out that it's actually burning up to 17 percent more coal each year. It turns out that China has been burning more coal than previously disclosed by government.

Children Playing with Gadgets

"Circle With Disney" Gives Parents Control Over Children Apps and Devices

Parents couldn't be more careful with children's internet usage nowadays. With today's launch of Circle with Disney device, parents can now have more control with children's internet use and screen time. Circle with Disney is a device, shaped like a cube, which works hand in hand with an iOS application that will give parents the ability to filter web content, set bedtime schedules, block ads, view usage history and even pause the internet.


ATIV Book 9 Pro: A Review on Samsung's First 4K Laptop

Samsung has launched its first laptop with a 4K screen display called ATIV Book 9 Pro. It may have taken longer than the market expects from a company with highly acclaimed UHD TVs under its belt. After all, Samsung is one of the first companies to have developed HDR TV models in the market according to 4K News.


Innit Kitchen: A Kitchen That Cooks Food By Itself

Innit officially launched today at the Smart Kitchen Summit in Seattle with an initial funding of $25 million from founders and strategic investors. It is a new company that developed a whole new form of kitchen technology. Innit manages and connects food information via cloud-based platform that enables it to cook food by itself.

Garbage Accumulated on the shoreline

Animal Evolution: New Breed of Animals Brought by Human Exploitation

Evolution is a never ending process that surprisingly still affects as today. In recent years, it has become more apparent happening around us. Turns out humans are the primary drivers of this phenomenon.

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