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New York City Poised To Ban Styrofoam Food Containers

Going Green: Pismo City To Ban Polystyrene Food and Drink Containers

Pismo Beach goes green as the city council joins San Luis Obispo to ban expanded polystyrene food and drink containers. If the council gives the final approval on December 15, then the ordinance will be rolled out on January 14 next year.

Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez displays an image of Pat Hardison's transformation

Meet The Man With The Most Extensive Face Transplant in History

Pat Hardison was a former volunteer fire fighter who was severely burned in 2001 while on duty. He recently underwent a 26 hours of surgery in August after being paired with a donor, a 26 year old cyclist who passed away. The 26 hour of surgery is the most extensive face transplant operation in history.


Food Instagrammers Turn Their Accounts to Profession

Meet the professional food Instagrammers seek by restaurants for their six figure followers and their stylish and artistic photography. Some of these professional Instagrammers are earning as much as $350 per photograph in a full time basis. Some of them have turned their account part-time while others are use their accounts for public relations purposes and free meals.

Organic Eggs

Taco Bell Announces Move To Serve Cage-Free Eggs By End of 2016

Taco Bell has finally decided to join the bandwagon of going organic. On Monday, Taco Bell became the latest fast-food company to use cage-free eggs in all its food items. This decision comes after almost of its competitors announced similar efforts earlier this year. Recognizing the importance of animal welfare is vital to keep up with the seismic changes in the industry.

Early Childhood School

This One Decision Surprisingly Boost Self Control of Kids

A new study from Stanford University finds strong evidence of mental health benefits in delaying kindergartens. A one year delay dramatically improves a child's mental health even into later childhood.

Red Lips

How Red Lipstick Can Kick or Kill Your Career

What makes red lipstick one woman's super power and another woman's kryptonite? Will red lipstick kill or kick your career? An editor from New York Post took it upon herself to know the answer.

Stevia as Sugar Substitute in Coca Cola Life

Stevia: Scientists Have Removed the Bitter Aftertaste in The Sugar Substitute

The food industry is slowly shifting toward healthier food option. One of the discoveries as an alternative substitute for sugar is stevia. However, this has a bitter after taste, which researchers at Cornell University have successfully eliminated through physical means.

Genius Kid

Alleged Telepathic Boy Tested by Scientists

Ramses Sanguino is no ordinary child. At age five, he is displaying telepathic abilities as filmed by his mom. He correctly recounted numbers that were written down out of his sight. The video was posted online and attracted the attention of neuroscientists. The five year old savant is now part of a cutting-edge telepathy study.

Medical Dressing

"Smart Dressing": Medical Dressing Changes Colour When It Detects Infection

Another medical innovation has been made that would prevent and treat infections easier. A "smart dressing" that changes colour when it detects infection could be a life-saver and could cut the unnecessary use of antibiotics according to scientists.

X-ray of a TB Patient

Rare TB Case Is Difficult to Detect and Cure in Children

Drug-resistant tuberculosis is a global health threat that proves challenging for young children who are difficult to diagnose and treat. However, a rare kind of tuberculosis has been found when a 2-year returned to the United States sick from a visit in India. Standard tests shows negative of tuberculosis but doctors suspect one. Later on, it was found to be an extensively drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis or XDR-TB that is resistant to a list of medicines.

Night Vision Goggles

Scientists Found a Way To Inject Night Vision

A small independent research group has figured out how to give humans night vision, allowing them to see over 50 meters in total darkness for several hours as reported in Science Alert.

The Future of Food: From Sustainable to Regenerative

Earlier this month, the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture has asked the help of farmers and agricultural interests to come up with a single definition of sustainability. This is to avoid confusion with the different terms used in food and production methods. The word "sustainable" has become meaningless to consumers and the public. However, rather than come up with a universal definition, some suggested to change the word entirely to regenerative.


New Survey Finds 1 in 45 Kids Has Autism. Here's Why:

A new government study suggests that the prevalence of autism has been significantly undercounted. More than 2 percent or 1 in every 45 American children may have autism spectrum disorder, a condition that impairs communication and social skills.


Science Fact: Cockroaches Can Bite Five Times Stronger Than Human

Cockroaches are special specie pre-dating dinosaurs and have unique characteristics than can make them live up to two weeks after being decapitated. If this is not scary enough, the result of the new study will make you shudder even more every time you spy a cockroach nearby.

Energy Drinks

Science Confirms: Guys Who Love Energy Drinks Are Terrible

Want to know more about your guy? Maybe peeking at what he's drinking can give you more insight on his personality. If your guy is drinking a Red Bull and vodka, which obviously is bad for his heart, you should probably think twice before taking the relationship a step further.

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