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Potato Chips and Cola Combined

Calbee Added Cola Flavoured Chips For The Holiday

Calbee has been known to collaborate with different food companies to come up with unique chip flavours. Japanese snack maker Calbee has added a line of cola-flavoured chips for the holiday and you won't get your hands on them just as easily.

Rocket Launched in Space

Santa On His Way To Space: Rocket Launched Successfully After Four Attempts

NASA has finally launched last Sunday the scheduled resupply mission toward the International Space Station for the first time in months. Despite several days of bad weather, "Santa is on his way" to the astronauts deep in mission as Tory Bruno puts it.

Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

Stonehenge May Have Been Built In Another Country

A new study reveals that Stonehenge may not come from where it's actually found. Scientists believe that the monument came from Wales from the very beginning.

Brad and Angelina With Kids

A Glimpse on What's It Like to Be Brangelina's Kids

Curious, what's it like to have Brad and Angelina as your parents? Brad offers a quick glimpse on their lives as a family as reported by Newser.


K-Cup Maker Keurig Just Sold Itself For A Whopping $13 Billion

Keurig, the maker of single-cup coffee machines, has drawn its final card. Last Monday, the company has agreed to be sold to a private equity firm for a whopping $14 billion.

Pained Expression

Woman Feels Pain For The First Time After 39 Years

A 39-year old woman who was born not able to feel physical pain has been hurt for the first time. And she seemed to enjoy it.

It's All About the Money

CEO Increased Salaries of Workers But Was His Intentions Good? Find Out Why.

Dan Price, CEO Gravity Payments, became an instant sensation when he decided to cut down his $1 million salary so all of his 120 employees can receive a minimum salary of $70,000 last April. However, there's more story behind his philanthropic act.

A child suffering from severe combined immunodeficiency or bubble baby

Gene Therapy May Cure This Rare Immunodeficiency

Scientists found a monumental breakthrough in finding a cure for a rare immunodeficiency disorder. They found that gene therapy can rebuild the immune systems of older children and young adults who are suffering from the rare disorder.

Art Basel in Miami Florida

Woman Stabbed at an Art Show, People Thought It Was Part of the Performance

Thinking it was part of a performance art; bystanders looked on while a woman gets stabbed during a famous art exhibition by Art Basel in Florida. What was supposed to be an art exhibition turned into to a horrific crime scene.

Barbecuing is found to increase risk of cancer

Slow Cooking Your Meat May Reduce Cancer Risk

Scary cancer warning from World Health Organization few months back may have prompted you to turn your back to red meat and processed foods. Good news, though, how you cook your meat seems to lower the risk for cancer.

Belgian Holocaust Hero Honoured At Yad Vashem

U.S. Soldier Saved More Than 200 Jews Recognized as Righteous Among the Nations

The late Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds has been honoured with the "Righteous Among the Nations" 70 years after he risked his life to save more than 200 Jewish soldiers. He is the first of the five Americans who have received the highest Israeli honour.


People With Diabetes Twice As Likely To Lose Teeth

People with diabetes can suffer vision impairment, cardiovascular issues and nerve problems. However, many are not aware that diabetes can harm the teeth as well.

Polio Vaccine

WHO Urges Ukraine To Declare State of Emergency Because of Polio

This week, the World Health Organization (WHO) advises Ukraine to declare a state of emergency. Two children in southwestern Ukraine were diagnosed with polio in September.

Flagship Apple Store at Regent St

68-Year Old Retiree, Represents Himself And Won A Case Against Apple

Retired property developer, Deric White, scored a monumental victory against tech giant Apple when he represented himself in court and won.

Scanning a QR code

SmartLabel Initiative: Food Giants Announce Major Labeling Technology

This is perhaps one of the most controversial decisions ever made by food manufacturers. Today, they announced that they will initiate a program that will provide consumers information if food items are GMO or not.

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