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Two ladies walking along the park

Bitwalking: An App That Pays People In Digital Currency To Walk

A London-based start-up is launching a new app that will pay people in digital currency to walk every day. Walking has never been this lucrative.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Is Now A Remote Control For Your GoPro Camera and Possibly GoPro's New Drone

As part of GoPro's latest update to its iOS app, it will now allow Apple Watch users to control their camera straight from the wrist. This could be a more convenient way to control your GoPro.

Iraqi Forces Battle ISIL

World's Biggest Drug Lord Tells ISIS His Men Will Destroy Them

World's most wanted drug lord El Chapo declares war on the Islamic State. An alleged encrypted email from Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman to ISIS leader has leaked online.

Jalapeno Peppers Offered For Sale

Science Says NEVER Drink Water After Eating Spicy

A cold glass of water is usually what we have in mind after unexpectedly biting to something really spicy. Although it feels your mouth is on fire, it's best not to grab that glass of water you have in mind.

Expiration Dates Placed on Milk

Food "Sell By", "Best Used By" and "Use By" Dates: What They Really Tell You

"Sell-by" dates are the easiest way to tell when to throw out food, but does it really tell us that the product is bad? Here's what the "sell-by" date really tells you.

Guests text on their phones outside the Brewer Street

Drop The Dot: Periods Makes Text Messages 'Less Sincere,' Study Finds

It's really hard to tell how the person is feeling through text messaging. However a new study seems to found a surprising discovery: Adding a period at the end of your text makes it appear less sincere.

Beagle with her puppies

Seven Puppies Became The World's First Test Tube Puppies

The world's first "test-tube" puppies are finally born after several years of attempt. Seven half pound puppies were born to a surrogate mother.

Uber App

UberEats: Uber Gets Serious With Its Food Delivery

Uber launches its first stand-alone app and surprisingly, it has nothing to do with rides. Called UberEATS, the ride service company will now deliver you food efficiently and quickly.

80 Boston College Students Fall Ill After Eating At Chipotle Restaurant

Chipotle Update: Norovirus Confirmed In Boston Students Who Ate at Chipotle

What was thought to be an E Coli outbreak, which left at least 120 students sick, turned out to be a Norovirus outbreak. Public health officials confirmed Wednesday saying that outbreak may not be related to any E. coli epidemic linked to Chipotle.

Elderly Smiles

Happiness Doesn't Help You Live Longer, Experts Say

It has been said over and over again; to have a longer life, you need to have a happy life. In fact many self-help books that preach life-changing benefits of happiness have become best sellers however, a new study reveals this isn't the case.

A dentist treats a soldier

"No Drill" Dentistry Can Stop Early Tooth Decay According to Study

There's a simple way to stop, reverse and prevent tooth decay without the need for the traditional "drill and fill". It seems that there's no need for fillings through preventative oral care.

Kids Attend Camp For Attention Deficit Disorder

Study: 12 Percent of U.S. Kids Diagnosed with ADHD

A Recent study reveals there's an increase of U.S. children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). More than 10 percent of U.S. children are suffering from the disorder, most of which are girls and children from minority groups.

Chocolate Gingerbread House

The Best Holiday Food Ranked From Your Favorite Restaurants and Brands

The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching; wonderful since this is the only acceptable instance that we can eat as much food as we want without being judged. So E Online has done a lot of eating and investigating to give you the best holiday food.


Black Raspberries Is Now A Superfood and The Best Antioxidant

Black raspberry has now reached a "Superfood" status. You no longer need to look further for Goji, Acerola or Acai berry as black raspberries are found to contain the most number of antioxidants and health benefits.

Cows at the Synlait dairy farm stand in the darkness of night

"Night Milk": A Possible Treatment for Anxiety and Insomnia

Got milk? A new study finds cow's milk produced at night to be a possible treatment for anxiety and insomnia.

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