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Over 100 Women Sue Birth Control Company for Unwanted Pregnancies

More than 100 women are suing a manufacturer of birth control pills after getting pregnant. These women claimed that incorrect packaging of the pills led to the unwanted pregnancies.

McDonald's Menu Board

McDonald's Digital Menu Boards Offer Meals According to The Weather

McDonalds' is installing new digital menu boards at restaurants nationwide. And it's not just an ordinary digital menu board. It's a "smart menu" that will offer meals based on the weather.


CSPI Slams General Mills With Lawsuit Over Cheerios Proteins

A non-profit food watchdog group, Center for Science in The Public Interest, has sued General Mills Inc. for allegedly misleading customers over its Cheerios Protein cereal. The health advocacy group claims that the cereal maker has exaggerated the health benefits of the new food product.

Uses of Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana for Veterans: Veterans Drop Empty Pill Bottles In Front of White House

A group of veterans and supporters of medical marijuana marched to the Department of Veterans Affairs and the White House, and dumped several empty pill bottles as a symbolic action to urge the government to make the drug accessible to veterans.


Robot Invasion: Sime Robotics Unveils "Tally" To Join Retail Industry

There seems to be an emerging wave of robotic companies and sooner or later, don't be surprised to be walking alongside an autonomous robot. Now, Simbe Robotics unveils Tally, the world's first fully autonomous robotic shelf auditing and analytics solution for the retail industry.

Chip Implanted Under the Skin

Latest Trend in Biohacking: Implanting LED Lights Under the Skin

Technology creates robots to function like us however there seems to be a group of humans called Biohackers who makes enhancement to their bodies with implantable technology. This is like the other way around, humans functioning like robots. And the newest augmenting trend involves having LED lights under the skin.

A pregnant woman holds her stomach June 7, 2006 in Sydney, Australia.

Pregnant and Hungry? How to Eat for Two The Right Way

It's surprising to learn that when you're pregnant, you are not actually eating for two; rather you're just like having an extra snack a day. More so, you need to take in enough vitamins but be careful not to have too much. It's not just the amount of food that changes, there are so many recommendations and rules that it can be hard to keep. Fear not, The Guardian has created a simple list of health advises compiled from different sources like Mayo Clinic, American Academy of Pediatrics, National Institutes of Health and news site very own Health section for pregnant Mommies to ease their struggles in eating:

Campbell's Soup

New Recipe: Campbell's Hopes To Increase Sales With New Recipe

Classic Campbell's chicken noodle soup is up for some tinkering to appeal to Millennials, multicultural families and same-sex parents amidst declining sales, Newser reports. The company's move to alter its famous broth is to side with what customers want to see in the ingredients list.

Crocodiles to Guard Prison in Indonesia

Prison Break No More: Indonesia to Set Up Prison Guarded By Crocodiles

Probably inspired by the Bond Film, "Live and Let Die", head of Indonesia's anti-drug agency is proposing to build a unique prison for drug convicts on the death row; an island guarded by crocodiles. Yes, crocodiles.


Facebook Update: "Photo Magic" Feature Made Sharing Photos Easier and Fun But EU Doesn't Want It

Facebook is up in its game in providing high-tech features for its users. Recent reports reveal that Facebook is said to release a new "Photo Magic" tool that will scan through the pictures of its users' and suggest which photos to share.

Children Obesity

Heart Disease at Age 8? Researchers Find Alarming Signs in Obese Children

Latest study finds the unhealthy effects of obesity can manifest and can burden the heart as early as age 8. Scientists now have a new concern for the youngest and the heaviest.


Health Update: When Skinny Fat is More Dangerous Than Obesity

Just when you think that a little weight is something to watch out for to stay healthy, a new study suggests that isn't always the case. New research suggests normal-weight people who carry their fat at their waistlines may be at higher risk of death over the years compared to their overweight or obese counterpart.

Fast Food Workers Strike for $15/Hr Hike

Fast Food Workers Set For The Biggest Strike on Tuesday

Fast food workers' plead to increase the minimum wage to $15/hr has escalated into a 300-city wide hike, the largest nationwide strike across the country. As reported in USA Today, fast food workers will walk out at 6am on Tuesday in the hopes to sway influence the $15/hr wage and sway the 2016 presidential election.

Peanut Butter Sanwich

Sen. Charles Schumer: Caffeinated Peanut Butter Raises Health Concerns

Reports about a caffeinated peanut butter called STEEM started circulating the web earlier last month. However CBS New York reports that U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer wants the Food and Drug Administration to investigate the new caffeinated peanut butter that seems to target athletic and fitness market.

iPad Pro

iPad Pro: The Biggest iPad is Set to Be Released This Week

Apple's biggest tablet created, the iPad Pro, will be available for order at the company's website on Wednesday. More so, the tablet will appear in retail locations later this week too. The iPad Pro is reported to be somewhere between a regular iPad and a laptop.

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