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Hand of A Patient

50-Year-Old Woman Wins A Right To Die, Said She Lost Her "Sparkle"

A woman named C has been granted permission to die by the court of protection. Described as impulsive and self-centered, the 50-year old woman fears that with the passing of her beauty and youth means the end of everything that "sparkles" in her life.


Don't Smoke And Drive: A Weed Breathalyzer Could Be On Its Way

In a bid to avoid time-consuming series of tests to prove intoxication, an Oakland company and scientists from University of California teamed up and found a breakthrough that will lead to a roadside marijuana breathalyzer.

Rogue Creamery

8 Gift Ideas For Your Foodie Friends This Christmas

There are people who live in a world where food is the focus of everything; where food is considered almost holy by some. So this coming holiday, give them something other than a predictable gift certificate to their favourite restaurant.

Annual Hackers Assembly

Dark Web Sells Stolen Netflix and HBO Accounts For 50 Cents

If you enjoy Netflix or your HBO service so much, be careful and take care of your account. Hackers are reportedly selling lifetime access to your Netflix subscription for as low as $0.50 in the Dark Web.

 The logo of a salt shaker, meant to warn consumers of high sodium content in food, appears on an Applebees menu on December 1, 2015 in New York City. The new sodium warning is the result of a city-wide law effecting restaurants with 15 or more locations

Will NYC's Sodium Labels Influence Their Food Choices?

The Big Apple has become the first ever city to implement the salt warning labels in the United States. With the implementation of the sodium-labelling in New York this Tuesday, many questioned this move by the city's health department.


Yahoo May Decide To Sell Internet Business This Week

Yahoo Inc. board has been set for a series of meetings this week to discuss selling of the company's core internet business. According to Wall Street Journal, the company is now considering selling Yahoo internet services altogether or how to maximize its stake on the Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba.

Gourmet Food During Flights

Airline Food is Getting Good. Yes, For Real!

Many airports have rolled out gourmet and healthier food options this year however airlines won't allow to be left behind. Believe it or not, airline food has actually gotten better.


Start Up Company Will Bring People Back From The Dead Using AI

A new start-up company called Humai plans to bring people back from the dead using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. They plan to embed personalities into chips and sensors in an artificial body.

Fruit Preservation

You Won't Believe The 10 Gross Things FDA Approve To Be In Your Food

Holiday season is coming and everyone seems to be geared towards lots of eating. Since almost everyone is thinking about food, has decided to investigate what is actually in our food and kind of regretted the decision.

Global Leaders During 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris

Massive Public Artwork in France Calls Attention to Climate Change

More than 500 images of people were projected onto the facade of France's National Assembly building in a collaborative effort of French artist JR and the American filmmaker Darren Aronofsky. "Standing March" is the representation of humanity to remind leaders the world is watching as said by the artists behind the project.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin (R) is greeted by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during the official welcome ceremony on day one of the G20 Turkey Leaders Summit on November 15, 2015 in Antalya, Turkey. World leaders will use the summit to disc

Russia To Impose Restrictions on Imports from Turkey Following the Shooting Down of Russian Warplane

After a Russian warplane was shot down by Turkey last week, Russia has decided to impose restrictions on fruits and vegetable imports from Turkey.


Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Costco Food Court

Shopping at Costco isn't complete without a trip to their food court. For most of its members, the food is a welcome respite after long hours of shopping but what is exactly the deal of the popular warehouse's prepared food?

Oppo R7

Oppo R7S: First Rose Gold Android in The Market

Behold, the first rose gold Android has entered the market. Chinese smart phone maker Oppo has announced it will release rose gold Android smart phones in U.S. and Europe in late December.

Custard Pie Fight in London

The War Between Piecaken and Cherpumple: Dessert Lovers Fight For Their Beloved Dessert

Dessert lovers are ridiculously fighting over who deserves the glory of the best Thanksgiving dessert. This year, it's all about the "piecaken", or so they say.

Thanksgiving Turkey

Myth Busted: Don't Blame the Turkey If You Feel Sleepy After Thanksgiving Dinner

It's time to stop blaming the turkey. The tryptophan in turkey does not make you fall into a sleep coma after eating loads of it during Thanksgiving.

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