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Krispy Kreme

It's Not All About The Donut: Krispy Kreme Opens A Store Starbucks-Style in North Carolina

Krispy Kreme is about to up their game to keep its sales afloat. The company unveiled a brand new story that bears more resemblance to Starbucks than the typical doughnut shop.

Condoms to Prevent HIV

Scientists To Create Hydrogel Condoms That Feels Better Than Nothing At All

Scientists in Australia are working to create a condom that feels just as good, if not better, compared to wearing nothing at all. With the use of brain scans, scientists hope to trick the brain into thinking that it feels like the real thing.

Apple Watch and Iphone 6

New Apple Laboratory Opens In Taiwan and It's Shrouded in Secrecy

Apple Inc. has secretly opened a production laboratory in northern Taiwan to develop new display technologies according to reliable sources.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness: Fastest Growing Gym in America Offers Free Pizza, Bagels and Candies

In a world where indoor spinning classes and barre workouts dominate, it's easy to forget the traditional, membership gym we used to know. However, this kind of gym just recently opened and it offers free pizza and bagels as part of its membership.

Gatorade Energy Drink

Even Gatorade Is Going Organic, Pepsi Says It's Coming Out Soon

The leading energy drink and favoured by most athletes has decided to go healthy. PepsiCo announced that it's going to launch an organic Gatorade next year.

Lady Choosing Some Fruits

Daily Table: Trader Joe's Ex-President Opens Grocery Store That Sells Healthy Food At Fastfood Prices

It may look like an ordinary supermarket with aisles teeming with fresh produce and staff mingling around the customers, but there's more to this ordinary looking grocery story. Daily Table sells their goods in an incredibly affordable price.

Samsung S6 Plus / S6 Edge

Samsung Adding Pressure-Sensitive Display, High-Speed Charging Port to Galaxy S7

In the cut-throat competition for smartphone users, it has become a trend to clone each others' features. As such, Samsung Galaxy S7 is rumoured to include a 3D touch-like pressure-sensitive display following Apple and Huawei.

Star Wars Branding At Time Square

Consumers Are Rebelling Against 'Star Wars' Branded Fruits and Vegetables

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is set to open in theatres Friday. Almost everything has a Star Wars stamp on it, from toys to toothbrushes and even on fruits and vegetables.

Apple Retroduces ResearchKit

Food Safety Alert: Startup Takes Testing Out of Chemistry Lab

iPhones have advanced so much that they are being used in a number of medical applications. All sorts of apps are now available from screening to managing one's disease, however, this innovation may be the most advanced yet.

Expectant Mom

7 Surprisingly Dangerous Foods For Pregnant Women And Babies

We've already released a guide on how to eat healthier when you're pregnant. Here's another list of food items that pregnant women shouldn't be eating and this might surprise you.

 Starbucks chief marketing officer Sharon Rothstein holds up a gift card while speaking during the Starbucks annual shareholders meeting March 18, 2015

Starbucks Gets Fancy With Limited-Edition Crystal-Covered Gift Cards

Starbucks avid fans are always looking forward to collectible items they set out every year. The "Brilliant Collection" seems to be the most posh collectible set we have seen so far.

In this handout image provided by U.S. Navy, Sailors aboard the U.S. 7th Fleet command ship USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19) move pallets of humanitarian relief supplies across the ship's flight deck

Operation Christmas Drop: Australia, U.S. Japan Drops Food and Toys On Pacific Islands

Air force planes are dropping food and toys on remote islands in the Pacific as part of the United States military's longest humanitarian relief mission.

Pharmacy in Forest Lake

Martin Shkreli Plans Another Life-Saving Drug Price Hike

Martin Shkreli is sparking an outrage once more with his latest announcement of increasing the price of another life-saving drug. He plans to increase the cost of a drug used to treat Chagas disease, a deadly parasitic infection.

Bowls of Green Tea

5 Energy Boosting Foods That Are Not Coffee

Eating the right food throughout the day can keep your energy levels up in a persistent way. No more over-caffeinated or sugar-rushed or days as Fox News made an ultimate guide to keep you going all day.

A helicopter flies over a wreckage

MTV Reality Show Chopper Crashes and Kills 2 People

A helicopter working for an MTV reality show "The Challenge" has crashed over Potrerillos Dam in Mendoza, killing two people aboard.

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